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is it possible to listen to music on YouTube while using my phone? thanks


  • emaz anwar
    emaz anwar ✭✭✭

    Go to Google Chrome>> open the song you want to listen then tap on the 3 dots at the top of Google Chrome and tap "view desktop site". After this, when you'll use the home button it will not end the song!

    Hope that helps...

  • The video will end if you switch apps or put your screen in silent mode. To discover the video, go to your settings and swipe down to access the control centre. Play the film. YouTube will keep playing even if you switch to another app or turn off your screen.

  • grazeapk
    grazeapk ✭✭

    To listen to music on YouTube tap the play button and then press the home button on your phone. The music will continue to play in the background even though you've left the YouTube app. I often enjoy music on

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    1. Reupload the Video: If the video is relatively new and hasn't gained a significant number of views or engagement, you could consider deleting the existing video and reuploading it with the correct date.
    2. Add a Note or Edit the Description: You can edit the description of the video to explain any changes or updates related to the content, including the correct date.
    3. Pin a Comment: You can pin a comment at the top of the video's comment section explaining the situation and providing the correct date.
    4. Create a New Video: If the content is significantly different or updated, you could consider creating a new video with the correct date and explaining the situation to your audience.

    Please note that YouTube's features and policies may have changed since my last update, so I recommend checking the latest YouTube Help Center or reaching out to YouTube support for the most up-to-date information and guidance on this matter.

  • Yes, you can listen to music on YouTube using your phone. Just open the YouTube app and search for the music you want to listen to. Enjoy with