Software issues

Any facing any software optimisation issue after june security patch update?

Software issues

user1529411826425 user1529411826425
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Any facing any software optimisation issue after june security patch update?


  • Yes, battery drainage fast
  • Sometimes touch unresponsive
  • How much screen on time did you get?
  • eric welling eric welling
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    Battery drain, fast charging doesn't work anymore, unresponsive screen, all calls come in as unknown number and ending a call is next to impossible.... June's security patch is not the best one! Add the shameful performing Nokia camera app to this list and you know why I'm not really happy with my 7 Plus......
  • Zisco Zisco

    Touch Unresponsive sometimes until lock and unlock the screen. Fast Charge only works when screen is off (I think that is intentionally). Some apps freezes ramdomly (not very ofeten). I can get 7 hour screen on time which I think is Ok. 

  • xahid xahid
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    yes battery drainage issues and some lagging and frame drops too
  • Fast charging not working. Battery drainage issue too.
  • Yes off course..I purchased with very hope my new Nokia 7 plus currently running on may security patch and android 8.1 , But after just 24 to 36 hours of use The Ui of phone become very laggi.. While swapping menus it is very Slow , it feels makes me feel like I had purchased low cost cheap phone by giving 25k high price. In speed it can't even compete with my old redmi note 4.. which is much faster .. I m very disappointed.. pls Nokia And HMD fix it fast樂 And one more issue is there .. The Camera performance is too bad in comparison to its same budget priced smartphones.. So please work on this Both major issues so can customers feel happy after buying this smartphone
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