is nokia 3.1 plus is worthy to use ?

I am nokia 3.1 plus user, its kind of worst experience.

is nokia 3.1 plus is worthy to use ?

I am nokia 3.1 plus user, its kind of worst experience. in 6 months of use phone having issue with touch pad which is the main thing from which we are opreating mobile phone, heating issue i can fry eggs on it

in the part of care center they dont have spare parts  :hushed: so they wish to keep mobile for 7 days.


  • Swapnil Raj Swapnil Raj
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    I am using the phone from 3 months. No touch issue so far. Phone heats up a bit while charging sometimes which is okay.
  • Worst Phone ever, for every update issues in 3.1 plus are increasing like

    1) auto restart
    2) Heating while normal use
    3) screen frizzing
    4) screen auto selection
    5) app stopped working
    6) fingerprint scanner 
    7) previous features are not there like multi tasking

    In ever update Nokia / android hiding there mistakes with Nokia 3.1 plus / Nokia 5.1 plus.

    That OS / hardware in those mobiles they are not suitable for each other.

    It's not worthy at all
    Waste of money

    Nokia care is also not supporting properly for it.
  • Swapnil Raj Swapnil Raj
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    @Kaustubh Patil
    I am also facing screen freezing and apps not working issue sometimes.
    What do you mean by "Screen Auto Selection" ?
    Is Multi tasking absent in your phone ?
  • SCREEN AUTO SELECTION :- like adjust after unlocked screen app will be get clicked automatically
  • Swapnil Raj Swapnil Raj
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    @Kaustubh Patil you should try to perform a hard reset and see if it works because these issues I am not facing. Maybe something went wrong while updating to pie
  • Raman zeus Raman zeus
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    Same issues in my nokia 3.1 plus screen freezing and auto selecting touch any option
    Otherwise ok
  • Customer care is planning to replace touchpad to solve issue.

    So now I waiting for it.

    Because they don't have spare parts

    Another poor quality service by Nokia
  • Feature rich NOKIA 3.1 PLUS has problems with charging port. This potentially great phone stops charging within eeeks of normal use. NOKIA is aware of it and isi overwhelmed by the volume of warranty service requests, creating a backlog of angry customers who must do without or replace these vital devices.

    As a mobile phone manufacturer, NOKIA seems unaware of or uninterested in the FIFTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. As such, my personal and professional life relies on my handheld, I just paid a premium to replace the NOKIA 3.1 PLUS that's languishing at NOKIA WARRANTY REPAIR 
  • Mukul Mukul
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    its all about marketting strategy
    customer always fooled by various brands
    nokia should work hard on this matter
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