Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1055) VoLTE works but isn't supported?

Hi all, I am based in Australia. I am on the provider "Boost" which is a prepaid MVNO that operates on the Telstra network.

Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1055) VoLTE works but isn't supported?

jordandalley jordandalley
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Hi all,

I am based in Australia. I am on the provider "Boost" which is a prepaid MVNO that operates on the Telstra network. I originally bought the Nokia 7 Plus because I thought it supported VoLTE and VoWIFI. To my surprise, the options were never there to turn it on. Researching online drew me to users who had VoLTE on their Nokia 7 Plus on different carriers overseas.

I have waited a year or so, hoping that an update would enable it. I gave up waiting, and decided I'd unlock the bootloader, root the device and enable some settings in the build properties.

I enabled the following settings in the build.prop.


It works perfectly. Voice over LTE works, and Voice over Wifi. I have not tested video calling.

My question is, why, if this device is capable of VoLTE, is it disabled? Surely if the consumer doesn't want it, they can turn it off in settings, but to disable it in the image kind of sucks.

I surely hope someone from Nokia's development sees this and puts a patch in that can enable this feature. In the meantime I have to live with a rooted device without Google Pay :(

Screenshots below...


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    Actually, this needs to be triggered from the carrier end too. They need to have your device in their database of supported devices before the VoLTE switch would enable on your device. It is handled automatically when the SIM card indicates a forced VoLTE or when the network tells the phone that it can use VoLTE.
    Unfortunately this is a restriction from the carriers and Nokia cannot enable it for all carriers unless carrier supports the phone and includes it in their list.

    I had a heated conversation with Vodafone in India because they won't support VoLTE on my phone while the other operator just works fine. The final reply was that they won't auto enable it for my phone until Nokia sits down with them and they both verify the compatibility with their VoLTE services. Then Nokia should push a software update if any compatibility issues are found. Then the network backend will be updated to enable VoLTE on my number from the operator's side.

    The good is that you're rooted now and you are able to force the phone to use VOLTE. Wish this was more easier, but I guess that will annoy the carriers and that's the last thing an OEM would wanna do.
  • jordandalley jordandalley
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    Thanks for the great reply singhnsk.I guess I can expect that never to happen? Nokia 7 Plus isn't their flagship anymore, so their focus would most likely have shifted away from carrier compatibility for this device.

    The original firmware which came with the Nokia 7 Plus actually supported VoLTE on Telstra. It was only when it was upgraded that the functionality disappeared. Whether or not Nokia actually did negotiate with Telstra and forgot to add it to future releases, or it was accidentally enabled in older builds remains a mystery. However, upon looking at Telstra's website, it doesn't appear to be a supported handset, so likely it was accidentally enabled earlier on...??

    Either way, annoying. I'd prefer not to have to root the device as it breaks Google Pay.
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @jordandalley, thanks for the detailed post, it's a very interesting write-up; and thanks to @singhnsk for the interesting counter-post.
    I thought there were ways to bypass SafetyNet (is that what it's called) when the phone is rooted and still be able to use Google Play?
    Cheers :)
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @madbilly Actually the Google Pay is pretty clever. It still detects that device is rooted, even thought it clears SafetyNet 😤. Then it disables wireless payments :|

  • jordandalley jordandalley
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    That's correct. I use Magisk, but even if it's hidden from root, it still manages to detect it :(
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