Default video player issue

While playing video sometimes video menu bar will not show at all even after touching display many times...


  • Can't make VLC as default media player in Nokia 5.4 Android 11

  • How do I make VLC my default video app? Nokia G11 Android 12.

  • goappplay32
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    Yes this issue is somehow common. I also noticed it while surfing goappsplay.

  • focusmoon23
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    Follow below guidelines here. This also takes only a few simple steps: go to the “Settings” app > Scroll down and tap on “Apps & notifications” > Scroll down and tap on “See all apps” > Tap on the default video player app you preferred > Tap on “Open by default” > Tap on “Clear defaults”. regards wowtv


    Reset option: Go to Settings > Applications. Scroll to the Default Applications category. Locate your default video player app and tap on it. Select the Clear Defaults option.

  • On Nokia phones, occasionally the video menu bar may not appear when tapping the display during video playback. This issue could be caused by software glitches or touch sensitivity problems. Try restarting the phone or checking for software updates to resolve this problem.