My 10 months experience with HMD's "nokia" 8

It's been 10 months now. Conclusion? Simple.

My 10 months experience with HMD's "nokia" 8

 /  edited April 2019
It's been 10 months now. Conclusion? Simple. It's a phone full of surprises.
It's clearly true, it's specifications were heaven, for the price i got it for, 252 euros at that time, with Romania's market. 
It actually met my expectations. Built strong, quality at first touch, speed and long battery life. Even now, after 10 months, battery holds on good, speed is still true speed. Never froze, never slowed down, never restarted out of nowhere. 
But that's why it's full of surprises. Now starts the "fun". Battery life decreased a lot when i updated to pie beta, but that's all, nothing else changed. When i left the beta labs to roll back to oreo to get the battery life and compas back on track, the surprises never stopped. 
Back on oreo. Same speed, same battery, same everything as it should be. After a month, guess what? Screen burn yay. Seems like a lot of people have it. Normal thing for the Nokia 8. Support was extremely funny, but truly disappointing. When i asked them about the screen burn, retention and red tints, they asked me for a screenshot. Wait what? Screenshot? Of screen burn? Yeah sure let me screenshot a hardware issue and send it right away. Okkkk then
Support jokes never end. Since when i rolled back to oreo and left the beta labs in December i didn't get ANY security updates or OS updates. Nothing. NOTHING. And support still tells me to wait, after 4 months. OKKKK i guess.
I've seen a lot of people having the static half screen issue. Here I don't know much about, can anyone tell me some info? Is it bad luck or inevitable? 

So as a conclusion
Great speed, even after 10 months
Great camera (with a twist I'll say in Cons)

Display have the worst quality, screen burn on a flagship...
Camera app is soo bad
Bad support. I've seen people getting the same screen burn even after they got their display replaced

Probably this will be my first and last HMD device. This is not nokia anymore. 
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