My Nokia experience

Hi All, I want to summarise my experience and issues with my phone. My model number is TA-1050 (UK - Nokia 6.1)

My Nokia experience

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Hi All,

I want to summarise my experience and issues with my phone.

My model number is TA-1050 (UK - Nokia 6.1)

The phone generally speaking is performing well. I like the phone, it last long usually, has a decent camera ( although it seems the picture quality has decreased for whatever reason)

I have some issues:
I. Fingerprint. It has 4 state. The most common from the top
1, it registers my fingers only for 4th time, if not, then I have to unlock with PIN.
2, Fingerprint doesn't work at all, doesn't recognise my finger, doesn't vibrate, doesn't do anything. Have to unlock with PIN
3, Same as 3, but the phone is already unlocked because ( I assume) of face unlock, and I have to press the power button to turn on the phone, and it goes strait to home screen.
4. Fingerprint works normally.

II: OTA updates:
Right now I am stuck in the February update. I have seen news for days/weeks that I should have another one.
I still don't understand what's going with this. This is probably the biggest reason I am not going to buy another Nokia.
I am not going to factory reset my phone every 2 months. I am a huge amount of 2FA set up, and it's a lot of effort and time to reset the phone. I don't care whoever says to do it, I won't, and we shouldn't !

II. Lag:
The phone lags quite a big amount even between basic staff like going from G Maps to Contacts or even inside G Maps.
My cheaper china phone, which is 4 years old, honestly doesn't lag so much.

III. Background app killing
Even after allowing a certain app ( or rather not restricting it) or, disabling the whole restricted mode, it's impossible to receive any kind of 2FA, messenger, whatsapp message strait away. If I don't check my phone, it is possible to have 15-20 minutes of delay.
I managed to get my sleep tracker to work on 8.0 but after updating to Pie no matter what combo I use, it got shut down after 30 (ish) minutes.

All in all said, I think if we add these together, it is possible to say that the phone current state is a half disaster as it lacks the comfort features, which pretty much any non-Nokia phone has.

I am willing to open a conversation with any mod/developer/whoever, but people are going to leave the company if all Nokia phones has the same issue.


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    hopefully a nokia personal will have some kind of respond, and I have even forgot to mention the screen flickering....
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