My fingerprint scanner sometimes don't work even when I placed 3 on my right finger and 2 on my left.


user1528424815941 user1528424815941
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My fingerprint scanner sometimes don't work even when I placed 3 on my right finger and 2 on my left. It always give me "not recognized" and "partial fingerprint". Until "too many attempts and force me to use my pin or face unlock. Mine is TA-1043 on June security patch


  • user1528202741268 user1528202741268
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    At first fingerprint reader worked smoothly, since the june update i am experiencing the same issue

    This phone is really buggy, crap camera,, crap fingerprint sensor, what's next ?
  • shivam shivam
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    Same problem with me. Fingerprint sensor not recognising, Bluetooth pairing is creating problems... My hopes n trust on Nokia is fading day by day.

    Hope to get a better security update soon
  • user1522991117084 user1522991117084
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    Really it sucks.. most of the time this it need to unlock the phone by pin. Very bad response from fingerprint sensor. Most of the time shows 'partial fingerprint detetected' or 'not recognized'.. seems camera, fingerprint scanner... Everything is faulty or just the optimization of the apps or ram management is just horrible.
  • Yes , my fingerprint sensor is just worthless and not working and always be busy in reporting 'partial fingerprint ' and 'not recognised' ! Very annoying and feeling bad for using Nokia!
  • steviant steviant
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    Will definitely be buying a Motorola Android One device next time. This phone is so **** I'm embarrassed that I bought it. It will be the last thing I ever buy with the word Nokia on it.

    The camera can only focus on anything if its in bright sunlight, the fingerprint reader sucks, Nokia won't unlock the bootloader or release their full kernel sourcecode, the Nokia letters on the backplate fell off, the custom "power saver" kills all background tasks within about thirty seconds, every update seems to bring more bugs, support is useless and tell obvious lies and the executives at HMD Global are smug bullshitters.
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