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camera app


  • jdan jdan
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    Nokia has lots of models these days. Each model has its own camera app. So this one is not for your model.
    Nokia only provides one camera app for each model and if this one is in your app list, you cannot find any other Nokia camera app for your model in the Play Store. 
  • user1508938037450 user1508938037450
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    @Jdan. you can't find ONE HMD-camera-app in Google Play Store for the Nokia 8. Only this one, who is not compatible with the Nokia 8. This was a/ the problem in the middle of the last year, too, as HMD legalisised a/ this camera-app in Play Store, if while she (official) was/ is not compatible. After severent problems gave it a "second update", but the result was the same bad camera, as we had it in 2017. Or, no, the "original" camera-app made more problems than before. 😪 And the "Novembre-camera-update is not available than today. 😂
  • Troy Cleveland Troy Cleveland
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    Hi, I was wondering the same thing and the camera app that is available is not even in my list of app's.

    Dose this mean that it doesn't update and the bugs are stuck?

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