Ta-1054 updates

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I got this phone yesterday. It has android 7.1.1 and last security update was dated december 2017. I tried to update android and security, but the phone claimed that nothing is available and that my phone is up to date. That obviously is not true, since oreo updates have been available for months. What can I do? Should I just wait, if updates are coming? Help me, please?


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    It seems that this phone (ta-1054) is intended for the Chinese market and does not yet support the latest Android or security updates as the other versions.... Apparently it's a "custom" OS for the Chinese market which doesn't fill me with confidence. I hope an update will become available soon or otherwise we're left with an unsecure out of date OS which is very disappointing.

    Can anyone from Nokia confirm that ta-1054 will be updated soon if ever?

    Sadly I wasn't aware of this when I bought it assuming all Nokia 6.1 phones would be included in the Android One program, this is something that I've only been made aware of in the last few weeks otherwise I would've ordered from elsewhere.

    Great phone, just disappointed about the OS.

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    I asked the same question from HMD's support chat. They replied that I will get the updates when they are available in China! I wish they know what they are talking about :-)
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    True, but HMD has promised more: "During its #ChargedUp event, HMD Global announced that all its Nokia smartphones launched on the market until now, along with the ones introduced today, will be updated to Android P after Google releases it later this fall."

  • After waiting few weeks and after reading discussions in other places, I realized that this phone is not going to get updates. Never. Whatever HMD says in public. Went to XDA developers pages and found solution for my phone. Now happy with the phone with Oreo 8.1 and August security update, and not that happy with HMD.
  • Are you saying you've been able to wipe the default OS and put Oreo 8.1 on it? If so any chance you can send a link to the instructions please?

  • I think HMD do not want anybody to publish here flashing guides. However, if you google "TA-1054, update and XDA", I think you should find a way forward.
  • Un grandissimo pacco questo telefono per aggiornare ad oreo mi dovrei recare in Cina peccato un ottimo telefono anche con la verdiver 7.1. ma purtroppo non arrivano notifiche di whWhatsA Messanger telegram ecc ecc.,
  • Utilizzare crittografia nell China e molto pericoloso.