Support told me to disable battery protection! What the ????!

Hi all,I asked support why on Android 9 my task switcher doesn't store many apps:(Spoiler) And this is the reply :astonished: (Quote) What?! Really?!

Support told me to disable battery protection! What the ????!

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Hi all,
I asked support why on Android 9 my task switcher doesn't store many apps:
I just updated my phone from Android 8.1 to the latest build of Android 9 for the Nokia 8. 

The task switcher in Android 9 does not store as many apps as in Android 8.1. On Android 8.1 I could keep 5-6 apps in the task switcher view without problem and if I opened a lot of apps it would gradually reduce this to 5-6 again. This was acceptable as it normally kept my most frequently used apps available. However, Android 9 is much more aggressive at removing apps from the switcher view - too aggressive, it always reduces the amount of apps shown to just 3, which is not sufficient. It is actually inconvenient to use the task switcher, because I open it and see that the app I want isn't there and I have to go to the launcher and reload it - it takes at least twice as many actions and more than twice the time than on Oreo 8.1. The really frustrating thing is that I know the apps are still running in the background because they give me notifications! Please tell me how to allow the task switcher to keep more apps available, which setting do I need to change?

Another problem is that I often get a case where the task switcher doesn't show me previews of the apps, only blanks. I can't find a pattern for this behaviour but I would like to stop it happening. Is there a setting which controls this?
And this is the reply :astonished:
You can disable adaptive battery and some other power saving features in order to see if you can improve the situation with the available background application number.

Please go to: Settings -> Apps&Notifications - show all apps -> three dots -> Show system -> Battery protection -> Disable.
What?! Really?! After stories of exploding batteries etc why on earth would I want to disable the protection for my battery?!
As it turns out, I don't actually have a system app on my phone with that name. After searching the forum here I know exactly the one that they mean, it's the Evenwell one which many people are suggesting can be disabled to improve retention of background tasks and also improve battery life.
Still, should support really be suggesting that people do this?
Cheers :)
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