Multiple issues Faced

Hi Everyone, Its Adil here from Pakistan.

Multiple issues Faced

Adil Atiq Adil Atiq
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Hi Everyone,

Its Adil here from Pakistan. I have just bought my new Nokia 88104G yesterday and found several issues with the phones which I would like to share with you all.

Firstly my phone isn't connected with my PC..when ever I connect it the phone even don't show charging sign and nothing happens. I tried changing the connecting cable but the issue prevails.

Secondly when ever I try to update my phone... my phone says "failed checking updates"

Thirdly when ever I open my contacts, it get stuck for about 5 sec.

I would like to ask if anyone you have faced such issue or even heard about such problems... please do share

Best regards


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    Maybe a weird question did you put in a simcard? Then try to search for update, thru 4g network or try thru wifi network. 

    Also connecting to pc is very weird that is not showing lightining icon for charging. Try to go to settings -> storage and activate usb storage.

    I dont have this issue. at the moment and from the start to be honest. 

    Also do you have the dual sim? if so try both simcardslots. 

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