Return without accept.

I ordered a Nokia 4.2, i dont want this product. i did return process online.

Return without accept.

I ordered a Nokia 4.2, i dont want this product. i did return process online. i paid through credit card, when i call to the customer care for the charges they refuse to give the answer, say depend on seller, then why you are there? can any one please help, how to know the return charges.


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    I think there shouldn't be any extra charges for returning the device. But now I'm also not sure of a refund. From the past posts on this forum, the refunds have been a pain for some users.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Actually i am worried on responses from Nokia.

    Email support team says order dispatched so we can not approve return request.
    Call center support team says you can return when order will be deliver to your address. 

    I don't understand what exactly they want to say. i also request for return policy doc but email support cant helping. losing trust from Nokia team.  
  • itsmemohan itsmemohan
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    Hi Team, 
    I am another user who is really perturbed the way nokia customer care has handled it, 
    The issues are as follows
    -I purchased Nokia 4.2 and was assured of Vodafone cashback of 2500/- INR , Honestly, I am being pushed from Nokia and Vodafone and provide them in email about this offer as Vodafone is unaware of this offer and Nokia team keeps "guiding me" how to get these details from Vodanfone. Utterly pathetic.

    -The liquid oozed out of the charger after 11th day of my purchase and have submitted relevant screenshots, they are asking me to visit the service center and provide them ample evidence that liquid did come out of the charger itself, 

    -Now, its been more than 10 days of rigorous follow up, the company doesn't have a proper escalation matrix, the customer care team is unaware of how their offers work, there is no accountability and ownership. 

    - I only feel cheated and I would request users to remain cautious , the case is still open and nobody contacts me at all to resolve it.
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @itsmemohan Hi, the cashback offer AFAIK is about Rs. 50 discount vouchers. You can use one voucher in every recharge of Rs. 200 or higher.
    I believe it will be auto-applied when you try to to recharge with that denomination from the Idea/Voda app. Have you tried that?
  • itsmemohan itsmemohan
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    @singhnsk thanks for your prompt reply, yes, I tried that and the offer did not apply automatically, I have been at the doors of both Nokia and Vodafone to understand how this offer works and Vodafone claims that they have no information about this offer and Nokia asks me to contact Vodafone, it was supposed to be a seamless experience, I don't understand why it is so complicated, the moment the vodafone app is installed on this phone, they should have pushed all the vouchers, I have seen it on other models, I dont understand why it takes more than 10 days to resolve it and the Nokia team is not even directing the users how to utilize this benefit, I am really annoyed about it and what surprises me is this company does not have an escalation matrix, they just keep sending us standard responses " relevant team" will contact you in "48" hours. It has been more than a week I reported multiple issues and so far none of them are resolved.
  • SWalsh78 SWalsh78

    The customer service stinks. I've been trying to return a Nokia 8 Tough for over a month. I contacted Nokia through the chat service and filled out the return request form the day after receiving the phone. Over a month later and I've had no response even though I was told I would be contacted by email or by phone. I've spent hours on the chat support trying to resolve the issue. Then I received a text message from a courier to say my parcel would be collected. I've had no contact from Nokia so I didn't hand over the phone as I couldn't be sure it was from Nokia. No one can answer a simple question, they just tell you they'll escalate it and nobody calls you back if you leave a message.

    It's disgraceful. I'll never deal with them again and I would urge anyone who's thinking about it not to bother wasting their time and money.

    I've gone straight to the Financial ombudsman service to report it.

  • Sudiptapal Sudiptapal
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    Services are getting affected by covid19 , probably that's why . You can always try on Nokia Cares of your area if they are open.

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