Bugs,Bugs and Bugs

I can't believe this is the Nokia I loved before. It was due to this pure love I bought my Nokia 5.1+ though there were many competitors in the market.

Bugs,Bugs and Bugs

Sedimbi Satya Pramod Sedimbi Satya Pramod
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I can't believe this is the Nokia I loved before.
It was due to this pure love I bought my Nokia 5.1+ though there were many competitors in the market.
Have been facing a lot of issues since my purchase and this is not good Nokia!

Take a look
  • My Notifications do not appear unless I open the app.
  • The background apps killing is annoying. My Applock and Internet speed display never work by default, though the setting is on.
  • My phone started getting laggy and stuck after the April update. Unless I lock it and unlock it later, the problem does not go.
  • Weird, but my Google Keyboard does not autocorrect for certain apps and does not save my personal words in the dictionary. Before you ask let me assure you all those options have been enabled in the settings.
  • Google Photos keeps taking my thumbnails too! So irritative!
  • Accessibility settings keep getting overridden all the time.
  • BHIM app seems to be crashing all the time, don't know if it's an issue from you guys or them.
  • In the camera app, the dual image mode does not appear initially. Only when I go to the video mode, that option is shown. Later while in that mode(Dual Video) when I shift to picture, I can see that option. It's not that I take such images regularly, but this was one of your "highlights"!
Oh, Community Support guys, help me out.


  • To he same experience🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • Ever since I updated my Nokia 5.1+ to android P the finger print, password and pin security settings have stopped working. I've done the soft restart, safe mode option in fact everything possible,  but I'm stuck with the same issue. It's super depressing knowing my phone and personal data is as public as anything.
    I need help please!!!!
  • ritesh mishra ritesh mishra
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    90% of all Nokia 5.1 plus users are facing these issues.
    The most annoying & irritating bugs are "Notification issue " and backgroup apps kills after opening more than 4 apps.
    It's been 4 months now nothing has been done by NOKIA team.
    If this continues let's all pledge not to buy any Nokia smartphone in future and recommend others not to buy the same and sell this device and buy other brands !
    that's why Nokia's market share is started to go down this year. due to poor quality phones and even poor software support.
  • Sagar2603 Sagar2603
    Someone has posted a method for  solving notification problem
    It worked for me
  • Recently I've talked to one the customer care about the pie update he advised me not to update the device because there is a bug that device gets auto locked even by entering original pin it won't open so he advised me to wait untill further updates provided. ps this is only for nokia 5.1 plus
  • Ramiro Expósito Ramiro Expósito
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    I experienced the same laggy issue, i thought the táctil screenshot wasn't working. It keeps happening and i hace todo lock/unlock very often. A fabric reset didn't solve it. Seriously dissapointed with my new nokia. Writing this very message was an absolute pain.
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