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This is my place to sharing my idea about software and hardware of future Nokia phones. Feel free to share your opinion to improve idea. Nothing nonsense there. Show your creativity in your mind.


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    My first idea is a smartphone with balanced edge based on chin, thats looks more edge to edge than leave only chin thick. *I reposted this idea because earlier dicussion I was posted wrong threads*
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  • <h1>Hello !</h1><h1>I'm an old lover of Nokia , I ever prefer Nokia mobile fones , but since some years people are neglecting the use of Nokia fones , this make me very disappoint.But since some months Nokia is getting better. Please make valuable fones like Nokia 225 , Nokia 301 , Nokia 208 etc. People love to use these fones , PLEASE MAKE DUAL SWAPABLE SIM FONES WITH HIGH EARPIECE SOUND , as I mentioned above.</h1>Imran 
    From Pakistan.
  • My next idea is a Sensor-tilt Image Stabilization. This little bit better than OIS and decrease a camera bump. It would be good if this feature combines with the pro mode for video.
  • I swear, I just paint black to the screen logo and front camera of Nokia N9. If all of black space are screen, It would be one of the most attractive phone.