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Poll - Favorite App


  • snakemaster snakemaster
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  • Lover Savadkoh Lover Savadkoh
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  • Hadi38 Hadi38
    Instagram & YouTube 🤩
  • Godwine Godwine
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    Favourite music streaming app: Deezer
    Favourite messaging app: WhatsApp
    Favourite browsing app: Chrome
    Favourite Notes app: Google Keep
    Favourite gallery app: Google Photos
    Favourite gaming app: Township
    Favourite file manager: Files by Google...
  • youtube
  • First of all solve the touch issue of Nokia 5.1 +
    There should be a inbuilt vault app this function can be added to files go ( files) and the vault security must have fingerprint.
    And in name of android one they gave updates in the last week of month 

  • dasakas553 dasakas553
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    Whatsapp, Phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • OM 2606 OM 2606
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    My favourite mobile applications are Instagram for personal use and Facebook Ads for professional use. 
  • matteo.m said:

    Hello Nokia phones fans,

    Today we’re talking about the things that everyone who owns a smartphone relies on: Apps.

    As of March 2019 there are around 2.6 million available apps in the Google Play marketplace, with a majority of those being free to download. The large collection and varying purpose of apps means that most of the time your life can be made so much easier by downloading the right one.

    It’s no surprise that social apps are the most downloaded and frequently used apps globally, but we wanted to know which apps our Nokia phones community would call their favorites. Do you use a FinTech app that changes your life? What about an app that tells you all about your favorite places to travel in the world?

    Let us know in the comments below which apps are the first ones you open when you pick up your phone.

    My personal vote goes to a personal budgeting app called YNAB.
    My favourite Application is Chrome and WPS Office and my favourite Game is Dream League Soccer 19 waiting for DLS20
  • derroh derroh
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    Twitter for me. Then WhatsApp and Deezer
  • IamBecca IamBecca
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  • Google drive and chrome
  • pubg

  • Kutiriko Kutiriko
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    WhatsApp is the first App i open using my device.
  • Pubg
  • Mostly Google apps 
  • WhatsApp <3
  • Facebook
  • candy crush and whatsapp...den google news
  • Godwine Godwine
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    Mostly Google apps 
    I know, right? Like that's one of the major reasons I'm in love with Android One phones and Nokia's my top choice.
  • Nokia tribe...
  • bantya bantya
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    Medium and Dribbble
  • dalvishubham dalvishubham
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    Hike messenger 🤗
  • Chaoh Chaoh
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  • madbilly madbilly
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    Nokia tribe...
    Interesting ;)
    I wonder how many other people have found this app :hushed:

  • King games like diamond digger
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    madbilly said:
    Nokia tribe...
    Interesting ;)
    I wonder how many other people have found this app :hushed:
    Found just now! Let's TRY!
  • Shah Mateen Shah Mateen
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    instagram app vry badly addicted to it :wink:
  • Cyrus Mwaniki Cyrus Mwaniki
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    Computer launcher then Microsoft word
  • Mine is WPS Office
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