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Nokia Pro camera

Poll - Favorite App


  • anoop ps anoop ps
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    Nokia Pro camera
  • Drishik sharma Drishik sharma
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  • kishan viramgama kishan viramgama
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  • G-Pay, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • jordi77 jordi77
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    Mine are contour and nuband NRG both are for my diabetes
  • Grace Kibugu Grace Kibugu
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    Google! Anytime, anywhere, always handy.
  • WhatsApp
  • Toon Blast 😎😎
  • my favourite app is Google photos , WhatsApp
  • Kumarsri Kumarsri
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  • Youtube
  • Aniket Date Aniket Date
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    Pubg mobile👌
  • My bible followed by whatsapp
  • nokia phone app
    google assistant
  • marleeqberry marleeqberry
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    I think Nokia should have their own app store and preloaded app like music player, photo gallery and others.
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    Glance screen very important application...
  • Phone by google
  • GuruShot, AliExpress and eBay.
  • Manju Kaushik Manju Kaushik
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    Can anyone please tell me how to click photo in camera with finger print sensor
  • Respected Nokia team

    i have purchase the nokia 6.1 plus dated 30-08-2018
    my unit is now under warranty and i have facing the receiver no sound issue.
    then m going to local service center at akola district
    and give the unit nokia coordinator at reception she view my unit and told me unit is out off warranty because unit is cosmetic damage.
    but i want replace the receiver in warranty kindly suggest.
    and your nokia service center person is miss behavior with me and argument with me and he don't know to how to talk with customer. kindly provide the soft skill training that person.
    or close the nokia service & product because u can not provide the service and good product.
    i want my cell receiver in warranty so please replay me as per request.
  • Sheyeman Sheyeman
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  • Bluecoins ist the first app I open. It's the best Finance App for Android.
  • Boss76 Boss76
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    matteo.m said:

    Hello Nokia phones fans,

    Today we’re talking about the things that everyone who owns a smartphone relies on: Apps.

    As of March 2019 there are around 2.6 million available apps in the Google Play marketplace, with a majority of those being free to download. The large collection and varying purpose of apps means that most of the time your life can be made so much easier by downloading the right one.

    It’s no surprise that social apps are the most downloaded and frequently used apps globally, but we wanted to know which apps our Nokia phones community would call their favorites. Do you use a FinTech app that changes your life? What about an app that tells you all about your favorite places to travel in the world?

    Let us know in the comments below which apps are the first ones you open when you pick up your phone.

    My personal vote goes to a personal budgeting app called YNAB.Facebook
  • Chethan0210 Chethan0210
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    My favourite app is Nokia's my phone app 😀👍
  • nishitkohli nishitkohli
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    Google Play Store😂
  • There Mind There Mind
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    There Mind I'm available
  • There Mind There Mind
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  • Empe Aarav Empe Aarav
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  • Kipcolloh Kipcolloh
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    Twitter is what i run to first.
  • WhatsApp 😍
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