Stop phone from killing apps?

I don't get whats-app messages or outlook emails. I have to open the app. this is unacceptable.  How can I get my make my phone reliable?

Stop phone from killing apps?

JBenci JBenci
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I don't get whats-app messages or outlook emails. I have to open the app. this is unacceptable. 
How can I get my make my phone reliable? I hate this phone and regret buying Nokia.


  • StephanP StephanP
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    It's the system module DuraSpeed that is killing background tasks, including the ones are required to keep your smartphone from turning into a dumbphone, such as Whatsapp and many others.

    It can be permanently solved, but there are some things that need to be done.
    If what is written below sounds all new and scary, then don't be afraid and try to learn.
    A few weeks before, this was all new to me as well. My belate migration from Windows Mobile to Android has gone via a steep learning curve these past few months.

    • Use USB cable to connect your Nokia to a PC.
    • Use ADB to disable DuraSpeed (this temporarily only. A reboot will start it again)
    • Setup a MacroDroid macro to make sure DuraSpeed is disabled again with every reboot
    More detailed description:
    • On your Nokia you need to enable USB-debugging
      • Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times
      • Return to the previous screen to find Developer options at the bottom
      • enable USB debugging
      • Download ADB and install this on your PC.
      • Open a Command prompt on your PC and navigate to the ADB folder
        Some basic Commando's:
        • adb devices
        • adb shell pm disable-user <module name>
        • adb shell pm grant <module name>       android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
      • Connect your Nokia to the PC and grant MacroDroid Write-Secure-Settings and change_configuration permission via ABD
        • adb shell pm grant com.arlosoft.macrodroid android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
        • adb shell pm grant com.arlosoft.macrodroid android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION
      • Toggle DuraSpeed on/off via ADB
        (This will disable DuraSpeed temporarily)
        • adb devices
        • adb shell settings put global setting.duraspeed.enabled 1
        • adb shell settings put global setting.duraspeed.enabled 0
      • On your Nokia create a MacroDroid macro that toggles duraspeed.enabled 
        (This will disable DuraSpeed again at each reboot)
        • Triggers: Device startup
        • Actions:
          System setting: [Global] setting.duraspeed.enabled = 1
          System setting: [Global] setting.duraspeed.enabled = 0
          Notification: "DuraSpeed stopped"
        • Conditions: none
      With this little macro in place, background tasks are no longer killed. For me this included: all my Office 365-account synchronization (Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, you name it...), BitWarden accessibility service, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Whatsapp, ...
    • Obazda Obazda
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      StephanP thank you for this howto
    • Dimitri Rytsk Dimitri Rytsk
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      Do you people have nothing else to do, like going to school? The fact that you are wasting time on a $100 phone indicates the value of your time, and consequently your life. Does not work? - give it back or throw it away!
    • Hey i found a fix.. 
      I use fluid navigation gestures and nacho notch. My 5.1 Plus used to kill it after some time. So I found this one option in developer's option. I removed the background limit and it fixed everything

    • JacK66 JacK66
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      StephanP - I nearly cannot believe that your A-to-Z actually seems to work, and the phone "survives" the first reboot! For me the issue was a parental control app switching spontaneously off, rendering it totally useless. Seeing is believing, and if I'm not back in 24 hours, you have solved a BIG problem, because the again-working app is good in itself, and any similar app would presumably have the same exact problem. And, yes, your instructions are scary here and there for a non-hacker... ;)
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