Nokia 7 Plus - Not at all satisfied

Om K.
Om K. ✭✭
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The worst phone ever built and probably the worst policy and services provided by the company.
I am not at all satisfied with this phone as well as the company policies.
Also the software is crap, every time I uninstall any app the device just becomes unresponsive for a few seconds or even for a minute, when I clear cache the device gets hang and needs to be rebooted.
Also sometimes the device just randomly reboots itself which is just not tolerable, wouldn't recommend Nokia phones to anyone ever again


  • Actually that could be a application causing it.. I'm using nokia 7 plus and i dont have any issue with this phone..yeah..once i installed an app from chrome ..that caused the device to heat..any 3rd party app installed not from play store could be the reason..or it could be bug ..wait for an update
  • Suenji
    Suenji ✭✭
    I just got a Nokia 7 plus and I am already facing sound issues and google search is also not working well.
  • diogenes
    diogenes ✭✭✭
    I am using it now for over a year and have never faced any of these issues. Only using Apps from Play Store. I am really satisfied with the phone.
  • Yes. I agreed. 
  • N7p has a compatability problem with a non google app.
  • Spaha
    Spaha ✭✭
    I can agree with you on everything.

    uninstalling apps or clearing data/cache also makes devices unresponsive most of the time. especially if you have 3rd party launcher, then it makes phone unusable.

    what else, chrome app mostly crashing, never had the problem trough 2-3 years of using Xperia Z5, but on Nokia 7 plus for some reason chrome often either freeze for a couple of seconds or crash (actually got the pop-up menu for crashing)

    and also, now i have problem with the charging, it starts charging whenever it wants to. when i plugged in charger you can see on the battery icon it is charging, but on the bottom it does not say it is charging like it usually do.

    and thank God I am not the only one who face the random restart. yesterday happened to me. just heard the sound in my pocket device got restarted.

  • Foxy. :"wait for an update". LOL
  • Phokian
    Phokian ✭✭
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    From 3 days ago on June 25th 2021, my Nokia 7 plus Hey Google stopped working properly. I can say Hey Google with a question or for information but it only responds verbally with no opening of a text or links page. To make it show text or links, I have to tap the search bar then the microphone and speak my question. I did a factory reset but that did not fix it. There were no updates to cause this.

  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭

    I'm facing the same issue since past 3-4 months now... Already did a factory reset 4 times, but no fix. It is really shameful for the brand to let the customers suffer and not providing any fix to long prevailing issues.