Google camera 32 bit APK with HDRplus download link. Better pictures

Hello. Im sure we can all agree that the Nokia camera in the 2.1 is crap. It's slow and the pictures are piss poor quality.

Google camera 32 bit APK with HDRplus download link. Better pictures

Hello. Im sure we can all agree that the Nokia camera in the 2.1 is crap. It's slow and the pictures are **** poor quality. I was searching on XDA when I found this Google camera APK with HDRPLUS support. Download it and make sure you have HDR plus turned to always on before you take a picture. Have fun, and remember to send a complaint to Nokia regarding their own **** camera.

Link =


  • Another tip. When you're pressing the screen to focus. Don't always focus on the object itself. Just press around the object. Don't focus on a light source either.
  • Nokia 2.1 i have worst experience.when i opened to box from that time the phone is getting hanged and the best part is there is no option of front camera...thanks nokia for wasting my money
  • Osas Edosa Osas Edosa
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    Thanks for the link... Pictures are now better
  • darkmandk darkmandk
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    Link not for me.
  • onland onland
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    Could the original poster of this thread post the actual link to the original XDA page instead so interested users could actually look at the APK first instead?

  • I made that mistake when posting. unfortunately you cant edit the op in Nokia forums.

    is the link.
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    Thanks for the actual link to the XDA page. Posted messages on this forum is editable for the FIRST 60 minutes, after which it cannot be edited.

  • @onland

    Thanks for the info. It'll come in useful later.
    I'll be sure to post the XDA links to whatever else I find. 
    Once again, thanks.
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    This Google drive link is not working
  • Dineth Mallawarachchi Dineth Mallawarachchi
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    You can find it here

    Scroll down until you find the one which says LG Q7 and download it. It should be 24 mb.

  • adylanchng adylanchng
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    I would like to add why I dislike the whole idea of GCAM.
    Firstly you have no idea what kind of malware is bundled with the application.
    Secondly, you have to sideload the application which not everybody knows how to do so.
    Thirdly, stabilty. Upon pressing for setttings, the application crash.

    For me, I'm not after better quality of images and videos. I'm after functionality and statiblity with a default camera application which I personally feel is more attainable than better quality. 
  • Dineth Mallawarachchi Dineth Mallawarachchi
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    I understand what you're saying but...
    Cstark is a well known GCam porter plus this has been tested by many people on the xda.
    If you're not interested in it that's ok.
    There is a huge quality difference between the two camera apps. Proving that Nokia doesn't care enough to optimise their software.
    Suit yourself 🤷
    You're the one getting **** pictures.

    As for the crash. Nothing can be done. Without root access the firmware needed for settings to be changed cannot be installed. Once again it's Nokia's fault for not giving proper software or giving us the access to get it done.
    Good day.
  • hello Dineth, I want to inform you that... when google drive link was working fine, i had installed that gcam... unfortunately i uninstalled that and the new link you have written about gcam port is another gcam... which is nearly similar to the old one... but last gcam was working awesome for me... can you please share new google drive link

  • Its the exact same app. What kind of problems are you having with it?

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