I want to enter developer mode.

I have the Nokia 8110 4G and would like to develop an app. However, the developer mode is not visible at Nokia 8110 4G. I wonder how to enter developer mode.

I want to enter developer mode.

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I have the Nokia 8110 4G and would like to develop an app.
However, the developer mode is not visible at Nokia 8110 4G.
I wonder how to enter developer mode.

Can you give me the answer?


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    FYI, KaiOS Techonlogies advised me "If you want to develop an app for KaiOs, you can send a detailed proposal to
    [email protected], or submit it via our

    contact form
    under “Partnership opportunities”. You may also benefit from checking our
    Developer Portal for more information about creating apps and requirements."

  • toantran toantran

    same question, follow up ... 

  • Same question.

    It turns out interesting, go to the developer's portal but the developer mode in the phone you cant enable).

    So, where is the developer mode? )

  • After submit some question to KaiOS, i've got this answer but it doesn't work for me bcoz Nokia 8110 4G is non-touch screen device and enter button many times on version 2.5 info doesn't work also. Then i hope Nokia engineering or HMD engineering who embed KaiOS OEMs in Nokia 8110 4G can answer us.


  • saper saper

    displays additional menu option:


    this does not seem to be there on Nokia 8110 4G
  • saper saper
    I got the answer from the Nokia support chat (bot?):

    In German:

    > Nokia 8110 4G betreibt zwar das Betriebssystem KaiOS, aber dieses wird bei verschiedenen Geräten unterschiedlich eingerichtet. Bedauerlicherweise ist diese Option bei der gegenwärtigen Version des Modells nicht verfügbar.
    > Wir werden aber Ihre Anmerkungen darüber an die Entwicklungsabteilung weiterleiten und hoffen, dass sie berücksichtigt werden.


    > Nokia 8110 4G operates the KaiOS operating system, but this is different for different devices. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the current version of the model.
    > However, we will forward your comments to the development department and hope that they will be taken into account.

    When asked a question whether developers get something different, they said:

    > Leider kann ich Ihnen zurzeit nur mitteilen, dass diese Möglichkeit beim Nokia 8110 noch nicht verwendet werden kann. Ich werde aber Ihr Feedback an die zuständige Abteilung eskalieren

    > Unfortunately, I can only inform you at the moment that this option can not yet be used on the Nokia 8110. But I will escalate your feedback to the department responsible
  • All the hype but no dice... I hope a firmware update enables the option. Can't wait to get started.

  • I tried above method and worked. First I extracted it, because I wanted to know what I was about to flash. Seemed legit and after the few steps, I now have developer options. Thank you very much to the guy who made this :)

  • Hi, I tried what posted above (using smith.zip) and it worked.

    Now, I got developer mode in my Nokia 8110, I configured the environment in a VirtualBox Debian machine (as reported here https://developer.kaiostech.com/environment-setup) and everything was ok.

    Anyway, I can't find my phone in the listed devices in WebIDE. Does anyone managed to do it?

    Thank you.

  • mrded mrded

     Be careful with patching your phone, you may lose the ability to update. 

    You can enter the development mode without hacking, just dial the *#*#33284#*#* (*#*#debug#*#*). A bug icon should appear in the system taskbar above.

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    Yes, I'd suggest you update the Medium article or take it down because the method modifies /system partition and afterwards the OTA updates cannot be applied.

    Even rolling back changes to the files does not help, because the updater is checking the checksum of the system partition.

    If anyone has a clean /system image I'd like to know!
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    I'm in the same situation, stuck in because of this. Once you modify it, I can't update at all. Or we should think together where/who to ask at Nokia (because this is a Nokia thing, not KaiOS). I've tried to do it at their support chat but the person attending thought I was talking non-sense.

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