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Filip cauwel said: Bogdan Maciuca said:

No Cell Service state with Toyota vehicles on bluetooth


  • Filip cauwel Filip cauwel
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    Hi, I had the same issue with a Ford sync and 7 plus phone. No fix with uninstall updates, clear cache, force stop of phone app. No fix with graphic test and safe mode. I came from a Huawei device and first use of 7 plus was with restore of phone settings. 
    The fix was factory reset and no restore of phone settings. I hope will work for you also.
    will try this option on a 7plus ive reset this phone more than all my older phones together......
    this seems to work for me
    no more 'no service' and bluetooth music streams fluid.
    before it stutterd
  • Bogdan Maciuca Bogdan Maciuca
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    Hello, unfortunately, today the issue is back. I have restarted the phone while connected to the sync system. When the phone connected back, I instantly got the no phone service on the sync screen. 
  • Ruramos Ruramos
    Hi all. Anyone have tryed this: Change the SIM to slot 2 of the phone.. seems a bug from android. i Will try more late, but i found this solution on 
  • Timo Anttila Timo Anttila
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    Thanks Ruramos, i have tested that slot2 some days, and seems, to work for me. Is there any matter is sim slot 1 or 2 (less features etc.?)
  • xyzzy xyzzy
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    Thanks also Ruramos.  Changing the SIM to slot 2 has had several beneficial effects.  First after being in a no service zone and returning to a service area the phone shows a signal again.  Second I noticed it does not go into no service all the time like when in slot 1.  I think in slot 1 it drops to no service state each time the cell site changes, but in slot 2 this does not seem to happen.
  • maxh maxh
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    Sounds good. I'll try this also. Only disadvantage is the external memory I have in slot 2. If this is the solution, I hope HMD can/will fix this finally.
  • maxh maxh
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    Yep, finally. The solution.  :). I tested several occasions. All reconnected after cell signal losses. So HMD/NOKIA, work to do!
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