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Nokia devices were always overpriced. I have only used feature phones of NOKIA which were quite adequately priced.

Do Nokia users like Nokia 2.2


  • Argho Sarkar Argho Sarkar
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    madbilly said:
    Hi @Argho Sarkar, which old Nokia are you referring to? I can't remember Nokia ever having better specs and lower prices than the competition. The Lumias always seemed to lag behind Android (not that it mattered as the OS was more performant!) and older series weren't comparable at all (e.g. Asha, Symbian). Only the X, XL, X2 were comparable and they were low spec.
    Cheers :)
    Nokia devices were always overpriced. I have only used feature phones of NOKIA which were quite adequately priced.

    A friend of mine had Nokia E71, one of my cousin had Nokia N73. I think they are decent smartphones of their time. Really don't remember the pricing, may be overpriced too. 

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    The thing is, back in the day there were no Chinese brands offering devices at crazy low prices like nowadays. This has affected the mentality of people. Now, consumers just compare every smartphone manufacturer to a Chinese brand and wants every manufacturer to offer smartphones at ridiculously low prices like the Chinese competitors. This is not going to happen.
    Nokia of the past and Nokia of the present is same in terms of price to performance ratio. They are still offering good devices with high build quality (except the few 2nd gen devices with broken usb ports ☹️). But people don't want the design and quality. All they want is a display and a motherboard with good hardware tucked inside a cheap quality frame.
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    @singhnsk  HMD's strategy is just launching new products rather than launching products which are more consumer centric. In India, if NOKIA bring devices at better prices with better specs, companies like Xiaomi,Realme doesn't stand a chance. People will buy Nokia devices without any 2nd thoughts because of the trust on Nokia. But this thing is what Nokia fails to understand.
    Heartily agreed. But Nokia is not Realme or Xiaomi. These companies are focusing on barely any profits. Realme was initially sold with Oppo sub-branding, but they quickly realized the mistake and spun it off as a brand so that it does not hurt the sales of OPPO. Realme is also in a brand-building stage, and at this point, they will be more aggressive along with most likely initial losses which will be sustained by OPPO. Xiaomi has reduced their aggression a bit. As for Xiaomi, they themselves say, they will keep only 5% of retail profits from per phone sold. Nokia is a bigger brand. It has more presence in offline than in online. Then HMD also needs to pay a royalty to actual Nokia for the use of the brand. And then HMD is not injecting ads like Xiaomi, so, the only place to make money for profits and support is via the sale of the hardware itself (and maybe some money from Google for pushing Android One?).
    What I feel is that both business models are different. While online cannot be ignored, I'm sure that the same low price model isn't suitable for offline retail. If you run a cellphone shop, you have to make money to pay the costs of rents and employees and save something for yourself. I've always seen in Facebook groups that shopkeepers are paying from 100 to 500 to people for ordering a Xiaomi phone from online and sending to their addresses. And they'll naturally keep another Rs. 500-1000 to sell it to the consumer. So, most Xiaomi phones increase their costs by at least Rs. 1,000 when purchased from a retail store. Of course except for their co-branded stores and for handsets which are already old and no longer have the same demand in the market.
    If HMD today tries to compete with Xiaomi in terms of specs and price, then it will naturally be killing itself. It cannot achieve the same required volume to get components for a lower price and still sustain operations globally where they have over-invested. Xiaomi cleverly enters select markets where they know they will achieve good sales. But HMD decided to expand globally in its first year alone and sustaining such operations are cost intensive. Not all markets are as big and demanding as India/China and HMD, being an EU company, is most likely already over-employed and paying big in salaries and employee benefits.
    Right now HMD is most likely doing it right. The only way to compete with the Chinese will be by compromising on the components and build. In that case, Nokia will lose its only key distinguishment - the build quality which is made to last. Europe also requires two years of warranty on hardware. If they do not make good products, then they lose enough money for repairing for free within two years period. Maybe that's why 5.1 Plus and 6.1 Plus were never launched in most EU markets.
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    This is some real logic which I can't disagree. You have valid arguments @singhnsk. HMD doesn't needs to be Xiaomi. HMD is bringing really good products. No doubt about that. What HMD lacks is timing and little pricing.

    Nokia 2.2 is a good phone but if it had a better processor or lesser price, it would have been more appealing to me as a customer.

    We expected Nokia 9 Pureview, Nokia X71 which most Nokia fans are waiting for. Nokia X71 could have been a direct competition for Samsung and Xiaomi Note 7 Pro but delayed.
    Nokia 9 Pureview still delayed which I don't think HMD will launch in India.
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    @Argho Sarkar haha I'll have to invert all that I said if I say it from the POV of a consumer 😂 Consumers want more for lesser. Xiaomi found a great method of doing that - selling directly to consumer via online store.
    I'm sure this is important and crucial business method now in order to remain competitive. Eventually more companies will start using this channel to reduce the middlemen and sell directly. That also means that there will be a reduction of employment and the individual proprietorship and self owned retail stores will take a serious hit.
    Before that happens, the govts should intervene and ensure that the online pricing model does not ruin the business of offline retailers. Some steps were already taken and the prices of most brands which sell online as well as offline were more of less equalised to avoid customers who check the stuff in retail store but then go home and buy it online 😅
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    Hello,I just want to tell that when Nokia 2 was released with the price of 7000/- Everyone said that it has overprice for what it has. Snapdragon 212 and 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM was not gave good experience for Nokia 2 users and when they tried to make changes in 2.1 still no one accepts the performance and the features they give for the device.and after this time the gave a good upgrade for the same price but still telling same overprice story is not a good one.Just go back to those days where samsung flow was heavy but now they are facing such an issue that they again doing the same what xiaomi is doing in terms of pricing and device they release.Even it is important that what ever smartphones are releasing they meant for some people who they target to do business,what sad is that even for buying the device we take some so called legendary tech person review and depend on that they make choice.This is how with these people some companies were gaining good market in reality.

    Nokia is now bridging its long time gap in india with smaller upgrades that received from previous generation device but since every indian is known for doing comparsion and buying things which are less in price.But I can say that for better quality some extra price need to be paid for what you need.every low level price doesn't give good experience although there may be good features are being given in that device.Even comparing Nokia with other OEM is mostly irrelevant.Nokia knows even well that if they start their own customized based UI devices they also be in the same track of other smartphone what they do.So nothing great will get for a company who wants to do different from other OEM. Only need to see is that they even give freedom to have whatever applications like GCAM and other apps which you love to be in your android device and games you want to have in your device but other OEM they add all their own version of system apps which is likely to be a big bloatware and even funny thing that they too have their own app store which makes no sense when Google is providing Play store with millions of apps with own sets of google and other company related apps

    One thing is acceptable that Nokia has its own camera application but still the camera algorithms were not been working as per the photography needs.Camera lovers expect some thing from a device but still Nokia is unable to do the upgrades for the existing devices.Even for Nokia 1,Nokia 2 and Nokia 2.1 doesn't even get the upgrades so far.Hope this need to be changed and it should be given upgrades from play store same as My phone Application.And based on the chipset they need to work to give full on experience for the camera.
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    I like it but they have to stop with 16GB Versions as its no good storage updates apps, 32GB should be standard now days. Release Global also not just in some countries 32GB. Because then user has to import and its not easy to do. lose warranty. Anyhow eager to buy just waiting for the right storage version. 
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    What do you think ? Is mediatek helio A22 sufficient to use until 2021.
    Run away from the MTK processors like a vampire from garlic, believe you me. 🥴🥴🥴🥴
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    Well the Nokia 3 has a Mediatek processor and HMD have managed to update that from Nougat to Pie so I see no reason why they can't take the 2.2 up to Q and then to R. I imagine that HMD have a contract with Mediatek which ensures they will get sufficient software support to cover the 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of security updates.
    Cheers :)
  • Evindzer Evindzer
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    @madbilly I agree with your post, but updating the OS is one thing and everyday usage is something completely different.
    And I speak from my own experience: I owned the 3.1 Plus (has a MTK chip within) and it was laggy as h*ll, so much so that after 4 months I decided to ditch it and buy the 8 Sirocco - which works like a champ. 👍🏻
    So... no MTK phone for me ever again. 
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    Not a bad phone-like the minimalist notch, here in Australia the RRP is $199.
  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Okay. Here now with Realme C2 at ₹5999 Mediatek P22 Octa-core Processor. 

    Nokia 5.1 plus available at ₹7999 always during sales (Sales are always once in a month, sometimes twice, call it stock clearance still a better wiser buy)
    And that realme C2 isn't available. Wait for Flash Sales then during flash sales the device goes out of stock in seconds. Then wait for it go on sale once again. Then still one doesn't know if they will get it or not in the next flash sale. Why waste weeks and time after a phone. Just buy what is readily available. :)
    I knew you would say that. It's a safety argument. I won't argue bro. For you, it's Nokia's perfect low budget phone. For me it's not. Difference in opinion. That's it. I prefer more value for money smartphones, the price to performance ratio matters to me.

    Btw, Realme flash sales are better and more frequent than Xiaomi (for which you mentioned out of stocks in secnds). Also, Realme devices available in offline realme stores at the price shown above.

    Oppo Reno 10x zoom camera, a very good camera, Snapdragon 855 at under 40k.
    It is the Oppo and Vivo that brings true innovation to smartphones these days.
    Vivo and Oppo are quite good with the pricing now. They understood the Indian market.

    #PEACE_OUT 🙏🙏🙏
    You are correct. Most consumers look for price to performance ratio while buying phones. But then there is design, and Oppo Reno 10X is an amazing phone in terms of price, specs, design and innovation. But was it the same when they started? Oppo and Vivo both used to sell overpriced phones in the offline market and succeeded. Now they have enough money to invest in R&D. I am just saying that HMD is too small when compared to these giants and they can't afford to make a loss by selling devices at a low price. :)
    You are looking from a consumer point of view and I am trying to show you the company side. :)
    Hello Karthik,

    I assume you are also consumer. :)
    You are the first consumer who is justifying company's side.

    I don't agree that a company sells a product at loss they sell at lower-margin.

    I own Oppo A37f and Nokia 7.1 and I can tell you that Oppo's A37f 8MP back camera takes as good picture as Nokia's 7.1 12 MP back camera in broad day light.

    By the way HMD Global is not small with Revenue €1.800 billion (2017) compared to Oppo.
    And I think Android One only will not make HMD Global market leader in smart phones.
    They need to look into customer satisfaction also.
    Yes, I am a consumer too. I am looking from both the sides. 

    Yes company sells at lower margin and these are brands like xiaomi who sell for very less margin and then use ads on their phones to earn money.

    I will never compare a 6k device to a 16k device. The 8MP camera wirh f2.4 aperture on oppo a37f will never beat the bigger sensor on the Nokia 7.1 That's agains physics. But i won't go into that and i don't want to pit that low end phone against a mid range device. You own both and you are in a much better position to judge the design and build of the 7.1.

    HMD Global is a very small. Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme are one company operating under different brand names.

    Yes, I completely agree with you that Nokia needs to go beyond android one to be successful. 🙂
  • madbilly madbilly
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    I am glad that we all agree that Android One is the pits :D
  • Muser Muser
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    madbilly said:
    I am glad that we all agree that Android One is the pits :D
    Yes I agree, you will end up installing 3rd party apps for little things, like gestures, wake up screen on notification.
    I hate that I allowed myself to fall in pit.

    I am looking for app to increase brightness when I launch gallery and camera. If you find or know then please let me know.
    Third party apps like Simple Gallery and Open Camera have this setting, I don't know if there are any generic ones that can plug into existing apps.
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