For Nokia 7 Plus Users- Read & Respond

Hello people. I am a Nokia 7 Plus user, since past 1 year.

For Nokia 7 Plus Users- Read & Respond

praveenp praveenp
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Hello people.
I am a Nokia 7 Plus user, since past 1 year.
I have shared quite a number of posts regarding flaws and issues with the device that I had faced in my limited usage in the past months.

Hence, here, with this particular post, I request to all the users of "NOKIA 7 PLUS" to list out their issues/bugs (if any) and features they want to see in the device.
I have been tweeting a lot to Mr. Juho Sarvikas, Mr. Ajey Mehta, Nokia official handles, etc, but it seems like my tweets are either falling on deaf ears, or they are getting lost in the ocean of other tweets.
So I request every Nokia 7 Plus user to comment on this post.
Also, things apart from issues can also be posted, but then again the real issues will be lost.
So I would request to keep it limited to issues, and not to post things like "mine is working good with no issues", or anything else (even hate comments). Just keep your comments simple and specific.

The purpose of this post is merely to highlight the issues, collect the things at one place, and let the concerned people know about things we as a consumer want, but are being deprived off even after paying a premium price.

My issues: 
a. Poor stock camera (last update was in Oct 2018, that gave a few stickers (bull, panda & sunflower) and a few studio lighting features along with a layout/ UI improvement)
b. Bugs in software that sometimes cause the device to behave abnormally (like icons going invisible, default apps getting removed after restart, automatically changing notification panel layout, device freezing at times, sometimes it get freeze on welcome screen)
c. FM feature not available (although obsolete, but some people do like it)

Features I want to see:
a. An improved camera. Especially the Pro Mode, by offering a better range of Shutter Speeds & ISO (currently it is just 4 seconds with a limited ISO range. At least it can be extended upto 10-15 seconds, if not more like what other cheap phones offer), and a more professional looking setup to select the range.
b. Improved edge detection in Live Bokeh mode (especially in low light, where it struggles a lot, although daylight shots are equally good)
c. More Camera Modes like for Landscape, Sports, Food, Light Painting, etc.
 (these things are indeed possible if the brand and the developers wish to work upon it).
Face Unlock (however, the hope is almost gone even though it was advertised and promised to be given via OTA update, but still, if it is possible, then it would be great. Although, in my case, I do not even use any lock, just swipe lock, but have seen many people on twitter demanding the same)
e. If at all it is possible to enable the FM Module in the device, then please do it (I have to use an old phone if I wish to listen to radio stations)
f. Bootloader unlock (although it is not of much use for me as I have left tweaking with things, but it is a common demand from every user)



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    New issue encountered 

    I have ENABLED the auto brightness option, but the brightness doesn't changes at all. I tried going in bright sunlight, and then into a dark room. But all attempts failed.
    If I disable the auto brightness option, there is no effect on screen brightness. When I again enable it, the brightness changes only once, i.e., just when it is enabled, and after that, it remains static (no change), for example, if with auto brightness, the level reaches say 50%, it will remains 50% irrespective of the lighting conditions outside, and will change only when I disable and then enable the auto brightness optionIt sometimes does not even changes manually when auto brightness is ON (I tried reducing and increasing it, but it comes back to the same position which the auto brightness had). 
    Did multiple restarts, but all in vain. 

    In short, the device is getting worse with every passing day.

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