Faulty charging port

Hello. My Nokia 7 Plus's charging port has become faulty.

Faulty charging port

Hello. My Nokia 7 Plus's charging port has become faulty. I went to Nokia Care in New Delhi about 11 days ago where they said that they don't have spare parts and they expect it to arrive in 8-10 days. I went today and they still don't have the parts nor they have information when will it come. Anyone else facing this problem? What options do we have?


  • wyk wyk
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    I also faced an weird charging issue... but my phone auto cured the issue after somedays. AI self diagnosis is on its way 😆. 
  • Same issue here. My phone is in the service center for over 3 weeks and every time I contact them they say you will get it in 2 days. I have made over 20 calls to the helpline number and the only thing they can say is - we are sorry, we apologies and someone will get back in 24 hours. They din't even give any number where we can escalate. Looks like all senior managers are hiding their faces behind call center executives. Disgusting.
  • same happened to me its been 20 days that i gave my mobile to them.
    every time i ask they ask to wait for 10 days.
    worst service by Nokia. there are so many complaints regarding their mobiles.
    pathetic service added to a worst quality control department. Nokia is never going to come back if they continue this kind of attitude with buyers.
  • Called another Nokia Care in Delhi about Nokia 7 Plus charging port issue and they replied that they can't fix it as they don't have charging assembly and asked to call again next month. This is a pathetic after sales service by Nokia. 
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    The best way to kill your brand is by providing crappy service. It's okay that your products have faults. At least get your stuff ready and be prepared to sort out the issue for whoever faces it. Get those spare parts ready because you know that you shipped faulty phones ☹️
    The worst is that nobody from HMD is showing any seriousness on this matter.
  • ernol ernol
    look through the online stores... there you can find simething
    i found port for my 7 Plus ( http://www.china-prices.com/phone/11437/nokia-7-plus )
  • sridhar45 sridhar45
    yes, I had same issue . My charging port is faulty and even broken suddenly. I went to near by Store "FLEX Authorized service center" 5th block koramangala Bangalore.I had worst experience in visiting this center. They promised that , in 1 week spare parts will be available .Late next week i visited they keep saying same response with rude behavior .They simply increased repair cost to escape. Can anybody help me in getting through this pain.
  • ankush.jmit ankush.jmit
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    facing same problem. My phone is with service center for 1 month now. and every one is saying I just have to wait.
    Really fed up with Nokia service.
    And the reply I get on mail is just copy paste of standard text.
    Does any one has any solution for it?

  • NikhilAditya NikhilAditya
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    I got it replaced. It worked for 2 days and then started behaving same. The issue persists even though you replace the port because of design of Charge Port, the issue persists no matter what you do.
  • sheppards1984 sheppards1984
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    Have you tried a different cable? I have the phone gor about a year now, and haven't had any issues
  • My Nokia 7 plus has the same charging port issue and it some times getting charged by keeping the cable at certain angles and the port would be felt like loose contact. Now it stopped to charge. How to fix it? :/
  • schetz schetz
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    Have you tried another charger/cable? Also, you could try cleaning the port. I used to use a thin piece of plastic which I would cut in hook shape. A thin wipe(one layer) around it, sprayed with contact spray. Be careful not to wiggle the center pins. I'm rather sure it won't help in case of this device, but you wouldn't lose much time, and by some miracle it might save you a trip to service centre.
  • mohankumar mohankumar
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    me to have same issue , Service center people asking me to submit for 1 month 
  • mohankumar mohankumar
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    #Nokia really worst customer service , how mobile completely dead , even i can wait one week . how i can manage for a month , thing about customer situation . :'(
  • > @John Wintrip said:
    > Nokia 7 plus charging port,not charging properly,does if you hold it at certain angle,still under warranty,this is bad for an expensive phone.

    Same problem identical symptoms very bad on a phone this new. Shame as I like the phone in all other respects but it stops me wanting to buy another Nokia - Build Number on my phone 00WW_3_54H_SP01
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