Add your own style to the Android and please upgrade e the hardware quality

I'm looking at the current devices and I realized that they all look like a regular android device, there's no difference in design and software especially on the x6 it is like a Chinese product with Nokia name on it.

Add your own style to the Android and please upgrade e the hardware quality

I'm looking at the current devices and I realized that they all look like a regular android device, there's no difference in design and software especially on the x6 it is like a Chinese product with Nokia name on it.
Aside from the design the hardware quality is terrible, chipsets are almost OK (cough medıatek cough) but the ram speeds are so slow and the display. Displays in new Nokia models are terrible, they all have the same battery foe lcd displays and the only oled display we have is LG poled which is a terrible choice for a top tier device, it's not even as good as the displays of galaxy s6, old lumia models had amazing displays but new ones are terrible.

For the first year these flaws might have been appreciated but repeating them in 2nd year is nothing more than digging your own grave, with this greedy policy (sorry but this is what you do right now, putting bad hardware on expensive models like Nokia 8 and Sirocco) you can't be nothing more than a company that sells its products to customers who do not understand from the technology. And believe me changing the name of your top tier model won't be a good solution for next time (oh yeah I see what you do with the Nokia 8 Sirocco you get off easy this time but it won't be a good solution to cover your faults next time.)

Get the strings of hmd to your hands; I can't understand what are these guys doing, copying the trends and designs from everyone like a cheap Chinese company, you were had your own design and look back in 2010, turn back to your own roots. If you won't watch this guys closely they will be your last doom, I don't think you can get up if you fail one more time. And it will be definitely a ridiculous end for a legendary company like you, getting blown up just because of a bubble company (like I said I can see your every move :D)

First develop your own style, for example revamp and redesign the old Nokia evolve theme; renewed icons, both light and dark versions, and glance screen v4.0; renewed version of Nokia sleeping screen.
Than use this on your new models, best ones if not the all of them, for example make a new line for western markets, new generation of n series, fabula design, Nokia evolve ui and premium hardware (fast rams and super amoled displays)
Keep the notch on the x series
And I think the digit series will end next year, everyone seems getting confused with them.
With this policy I believe you could get better places in next year, with the current models you can only sell products to people who don't understand the technology but with the new ideas you can sell them to your old customers which are using Samsung or other companies right now

My dear moderator friend who has reading this please make sure your bosses see this :D instead of tweeting them I prefer to have a talk with them.

And people who are reading this watch out the real quality of your devices, a phone is much more than a metal unibody and a empty software.


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    There's lots of good feedback and suggestions in there, it's just a shame that it's clouded with so much negativity - you said that almost everything is terrible, which is a little bit of an exaggeration ;)

    I can understand why some people want HMD to make perfect products, products that felt like Nokias just they did a few years ago. But it's very difficult to do this. HMD has many ex-Nokia staff from the old mobile phones business that was sold to Microsoft, but they don't have all the patents, all the know-how, all the experience; unfortunately a lot has been lost or will never be retrieved from Microsoft (or wherever it finally ended up, e.g. Symbian code).

    It will take another year or so before HMD is established, is no longer a "unicorn" and has established a leading style for their phones. Let's use this forum to applaud the good work they do and help direct them back on track when they seem to be losing focus.

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    exaggeration? Actually not at all
    What I'm saying is new models especially the high end devices doesn't worth their price..
    Nokia 8, not much to complain here but they should have put a color balance option to avoid the blue color shift, and as a flagship model it must have a camera button..
    Nokia 8 Sirocco, for me the most problematic model, first it carries 2 nonsense trend, curved screen and no headphone jack, these features serves to nothing you can't use an ordinary headphone which you can easily find them, ( I have a HTC max 300 variant headphone and it gives better music than a Bluetooth headphones that 30 times expensive than it, I'm not joking seriously you can buy these in Turkey for ₺40 and my friend has a beats Bluetooth headphones he bought them for ₺1250, it has bad bass Quality and it's stage is so narrow - those who listen music with headphones will understand- is this the new models will brought us? Taking something good away and leaving us with the bad products?
    and thanks to edges you can't hold it properly. And ironically it doesn't have a stereo speakers which essential for the audio quality, it has usual mono and they advertise it as good audio quality. Ironically I don't have a problem with the sd835, 8 Sirocco is last years Nokia 9, they couldn't release it in time. It doesn't deserves 750$because of that LG poled display, it really sucks, it has that infamous blue shift problem on the edges. High end premium device? No, price is too much and audio and display quality is very bad. Oh and there's no ois, but we have a camera bump that can be rival to s6 has.
    I have no problem with Nokia 7 plus it's really good but if it would have amoled, ois and stereo I would definitely buy it.
    6.1 doesn't have stereo while it's predecessor had them, downgrade.

    See every model gets messed up with the new generation.

    And there's stock android, look I love the ui it's so simple and clean, it's just my favorite, I don't put widgets on the home screen, I don't even put clock I just have 2 home screens 1 for internet apps which requires more battery than usual and 1 for the video player and files, some translation apps and galleries in the main app tray, I don't even put WhatsApp on the home screen because when I get a message I always can open it from the notification window, no mess no chaos, some necessary apps and a good wallpaper is all I need.
    But even on the stock android we need 1 or 2 things from Nokia, 1 a gallery app; with swipe based ui and simple usage, like a mix between Symbian and wp8 galleries, 2 for amoled display models which we are looking for a better version of the glance screen, something like the old Nokia sleeping screen nokia still has it's patents, they are licensing it for Samsung and LG and with the close relationship between Nokia and Google Google can put it to the stock android.
    As for the Nokia evolve theme that I want to see, these are nokia phones we are buying but it's ui is anonymous, I don't want 10-20 un-uninstallable apps from hmd, just a modernized version of the Nokia evolve theme, n 9 version, light and dark versions, (as for the 3 years ahead n9's swipe ui)

    These are not that hard maybe except for the Nokia evolve, but they can put it to the premium devices.

    What we don't need is, trends that serve no purpose, notches? They won't be around in next 16-18months, curved screens? Just a gimmick, no headphone jack, this could be a good idea after 3-4 years wireless headphones still have a lot of way to get better.

    And spending time and money to this temporary trends is the worst idea. Back in time nokia wasn't following the trends, they were putting their own solutions and they were very good mostly (they should have used faster chipsets with Symbian or shouldn't give up from the meego that easily)

    2 cameras, for depth ? We have nokia refocus (if second camera is telefoto we probably need that)
    Notification less? Booring we had nokia sleeping screen-
    On screen navigation buttons swipe it away ( oh look I made a pun :D)-

    See what I mean?
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    :) Much better, lots of really good feedback in your second post, and many things I agree with. It's a shame that the forum software isn't processing your carriage returns/line breaks properly, because it makes what you wrote very difficult to read.

    The Nokia Evolve theme was from Symbian v1 (S60 5th edition) I think. It was generally built on an updated up to Symbian Belle FP2, is this the UI you are referring to? I agree it's smart, the most memorable thing (for me) being the icons, which HMD still uses on some of the "less smart" phones, and they used on the N9, X/XL/X2 and Asha series. I would definitely like to see a return of those icons - the closest I can get on Android is Squircle icons! What else did you like about the Evolve theme?

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