Nokia 7.1 HDR?

In nokia 7.1 HDR is not working on any apps for ex:

Nokia 7.1 HDR?

Sarath.R Sarath.R
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In nokia 7.1 HDR is not working on any apps for ex: youtube,netflix....etc, but in nokia sites they saying 7.1 can run HDR videos in any app which they are providing HDR  videos..... Its being nokia was fooling us🖕


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Have you tried playing a dedicated HDR encoded video on your phone? It does work fine on my Nokia 8.1.
    As for Netflix, the device is not listed. So, I am not sure if it ias an issue from Netflix side or from Nokia side.
    Netflix is available in HDR10 on the Android devices below.
    Devices must run the latest firmware for HDR10 playback to work properly.
    •     Honor 10
    •     Honor Play
    •     Huawei Mate 10 Pro
    •     Huawei Mate 20
    •     Huawei P20
    •     Huawei P30 and P30 Pro
    •     LG G7
    •     LG G7 One
    •     LG Q9 One
    •     LG X5
    •     LG V30
    •     LG V35
    •     LG V40
    •     One Plus 7 and 7 Pro
    •     Pixel 3
    •     Razer Phone
    •     Razer Phone 2
    •     Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    •     Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    •     Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
    •     Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
    •     Samsung Galaxy S9
    •     Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+
    •     Sony Xperia XZ Premium
    •     Sony Xperia XZ1
    •     Sony Xperia XZ2
    •     Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
    •     Sony Xperia XZ3

  • On my Nokia 7.1, SDR to HDR conversion is quite apperent. Whenever i play videos on youtube or mx player, i can see the conversion happening, the enhancement thing is quite visible when i start a video. Even 144p video is pretty enjoyable sometimes.
  • Zunair Zunair
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    I've noticed one thing in android 9 is that HDR10 is not working on battery saver, while in android 10 it's work even in battery saver mode........ Is there any idea how HDR10 can get functionality on battery saver mode in android 9???? Please help me

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