Don't buy

Don't buy Nokia 7 plus and any other Nokia phones.

Don't buy

Satya Prakash Gulshan Satya Prakash Gulshan
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Don't buy Nokia 7 plus and any other Nokia phones. Beware indian customer Nokia making us fool and selling the garbage like 7 plus and other too so think 1000 times before purchasing.


  • aniket thakur aniket thakur
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    Please mention your problems so that people can aware themselves from the issues that they will be going to face.
  • Your hardly putting convincing reasons why not to buy. My Nokia 7 plus is very good, and I would recommend it to anyone
  • utpal debbarma utpal debbarma
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    Please don't use this community forum for fights and let's write about the bugs we are facing
    And hope that at least HMD GLOBAL fixes major bugs.........and try to help much as we can.......
  • I contacted with Nokia with a simple question about the face unlock but they give some answers for last three months and currently have many problems hanging restaurant during the call dual 4g not working properly and many more........
  • aniket thakur aniket thakur
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    June update messed with network for many of us but I'm not experiencing any network issues.Face is an 3 to 4 years old features that came under Google smart lock. Now people are Cary about it for anything. Fingerprint is much more better. Anyways face unlock is going to be added in July's update according to Nokia.
  • user1528365248520 user1528365248520
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    Many users of the TA-1062 model can't get ota updates after May 2018 and have uncertified status in google play market. Nokia support says to me to wait. I think to sell this phone and buy device with adequate support from the manufacturer.
  • I got security updates for this month and nothing more included with this update. Enjoy the bug which is never fixed.
  • @user1528365248520 TA-1062 is the Chinese version. It do not support Google play as China has different policies. Global variants have Google play. You should check the phone variants before buying as shops may fool you.
  • The official Nokia site has not inforamation
    about differences between 7 Plus models: TA-1062, TA-1046, ... 

    Where can an ordinary user know about this?


  • I would guess most people buy from their own country, so the differences are not needed, or of interest to the vast majority of buyers
  • Satya Prakash Gulshan Satya Prakash Gulshan
     /  edited July 2018
    This product and any product from Nokia is totally waste of money. HMD global don't want to fix any bugs reported by users.
  • I believe that this information should be available on the official website.
    The manufacturer must provide complete information about his product and not depend on the seller.

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