Very very slow charge Nokia 5.1 plus.

Battery charging very slow. 60% in 8 hrs and the phone must be off to achieve that. 20% in 4 hrs 

Very very slow charge Nokia 5.1 plus.

Arc moh Arc moh
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Battery charging very slow. 60% in 8 hrs and the phone must be off to achieve that.
20% in 4 hrs 


  • swapnil waichal swapnil waichal
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    Same problem with my Nokia 5.1 plus .. any solution?
  • karim pasha karim pasha
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    same problem with my nokia 5.1 plus any solution pls?
  • Same problem with 5.1plus 
    Solutions please
  • Nehe Nehe
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    Same problem. Help

  • user1537860480422 user1537860480422
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    Go to nokia store and get your USB c port replaced. It worked for me

  • sinto c p sinto c p
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    HMD, as goodwill to consumers, offers a one-time, free-of-cost repair of select Nokia devices identified to have charging section issues.

    The free-of-cost repair is applicable to the following sales models only. A device whose 12-months warranty has recently ended is eligible for the free-of-cost repair, up to a maximum of 6 months after the warranty has lapsed.

    ▪ Nokia 5.1 Plus

    ▪ Nokia 6.1 Plus

    ▪ Nokia 7.1

    ▪ Nokia 8.1

  • silentknight silentknight
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    Nokia is not ready to accept this news about charging port extended warranty.

  • Same issue with 5.1plus

  • vdrive6 vdrive6
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    My Nokia 5.1 Plus charging from 0 - 40% just for 40-45 minutes

  • Bharath KB Bharath KB
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    Ur phone battery needs to be calibrated for twice .

    The steps are use ur phone untill it shutsdown automatically and then turn on the device and check the battery (sometimes it again shows some residual charge i.e.6-8% charge approx.) Use it again untill it shutsdown . Now charge the phone in switched of state for minimum 6 hrs once charging is completed turn on ur device without removing it from the charger (sometimes it shows 98-99% of charge )let it charge fully and then use it as usual again repeat the process for the second time to calibrate the battery once completed check if the issues are rectified .

    Important note: use the charger and the cable provided in the retail box and try this process during night after ur regular works so that the device is not interrupted :)

  • nikhilkunwar0904 nikhilkunwar0904
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    Go To Nokia Service Center and replace the charger

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