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Hi. I'd like to file a suggestion for a new Nokia Feature Phone. The details are as follows:

Model: The phone will be a Touch & Type Model similar to the Nokia X3-02 which released in 2010

Feature Set:

  • 4:3 Bezel Less OLED Touch Display - Minimum Resolution: 640x480 @ 200+ PPI
  • Screen Size - 3.6 inches +
  • 2000+ mAh Battery
  • 12 MP + dual rear cameras (dual cameras to enable portrait mode)
  • 5 MP + selfie camera (optional - if you can fit it in)
  • Fingerprint Sensor on the back.
  • OS: Preferably and upgrade of the Nokia X3-02 OS (but do look into android if possible)


  • A few things I forgot to mention:

    • 512 MB Ram
    • 16/32 GB Internal Storage | Expandable (optional)
    • USB Type-C
    • Bluetooth 4.0+, Wi-Fi (the basics)
    • Keep the Audio Jack
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    The OS of X3-02 is S40 which have been discontinued. And then S30+ on more recent Nokia feature phones have also been discontinued. The KaiOS on the latest 8110 4G is not designed with touch in mind. Not sure what is that Java-powered Feature OS in 3310 3G but I doubt it would support touch either. Then the only option would be to go android (the OS in 3310 4G is a Chinese Android fork) but a device form factor like x3-02 would probably be too small to provide a good android experience ...? Yet I still want to sew it happen. I don't think 3.6"+ is a good idea especially with the keyboard down below. Something similar to size of Sharp/LG flip phones would probably be better but in candybar form factor. 512 RAM will probably be too small for anything android even if optimized for feature phone use.
  • Just made a few calculations. A few updates:

    • You're right. 3.6 would be too big. 3.2 inches should be the perfect size with no bezels. (I wouldn't go all the way down to 2.8 inches though).
    • 512 MB Ram is good enough for the new Android 8.1 GO. But 3.2 inches would be too small a form factor. So, scratch android.
    • The keypad doesn't have to be QWERTY. It can be a dialer keypad.
    • I'm sure Nokia maintains some Kernel Archives. They could pull up S40 again. Although, I feel it would be better to design a new OS altogether with newer technologies taking only few inspirations from its predecessor (I have some ideas for a new design, but we can cross that bridge if/when  we get to it).
    • Storage wise, I think 8/16 GB is a good idea and keep it expandable upto 64 GB if needed. This will, after all, not be your primary device.
    • Scratch the selfie camera, the user can use his primary device for that. But keep the high-end rear cameras.
    • I absolutely do recommend having a fingerprint sensor (note that this would mean changes to the OS - the addition of a lock screen etc). Then again, it's not a make or break feature. But, it would be really nice to have it.
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    I agree it would be good to see more range in Nokia feature phones again. A couple of points:

    • KaiOS is based on FirefoxOS so it can support touch with changes to the UI.
    • S40 was sold to Microsoft so we'll never see that again. (unless HMD bought it back, but I don't know why they would do that).

  • @madbilly

    1. Yeah, I found that out recently about Kai OS. That's cool. I believe with a few enhancements, it should make a great OS for the new phone (X3-03?... X4?).
    2. Selling S40 to Microsoft is news for me! Thanks for letting me know!
    Guys, please support this thread and contribute to the feature/specs list as well if you'd like! Who knows, if it gains traction, Nokia might actually consider it! :D

  • I'd like to add from someone who just wants a communication device. A phone you can put in your pocket, if I have to carry a 6 inch phone I may as well carry my tablet. One that won't bend when you sit on it or shatter when it slides off what your carrying (cos it won't fit in your pocket) one that is for communication. Text, fb msg, tethering and caters for latest tech. The best phone I've had was Nokias E5, great size, robust but sadly software technology has made it obsolete.