Useful comparison with P30

Hi all,Via Nokiamob I found this useful comparison of the 9PV with the P30:

Useful comparison with P30

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Hi all,
Via Nokiamob I found this useful comparison of the 9PV with the P30:
Obviously we can't see the full detail as it's video, no JPEGs or RAWs provided, but I still think it's useful. Some misapplication of the depth-of-field effect is still visible sometimes, e.g. on the flower petals, but overall I found it useful. I feel like the 9PV penta-lens setup is a slow-burner and opinions are slowly changing, with growing appreciation for the excellent colour accuracy and contrast and in time it will be considered a pioneer, not an oddity.
Your thoughts?
Cheers :)


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    Have to agree... My N9  PV is replacing my faithful Canon 7D DSLR and it's objective lens cohort (L and non-L) for daily and vacation photography. Just treat it like a camera... Process it's raws in a laptop with a calibrated screen, with Lightroom, and see or show others the final results with a good monitor or TV, not just a quick look in a smartphone screen. Quality and differences will be patent. Edge to edge.
    Of course software needs improving namely to allow that "M" feeling that we and this specific camera phone deserves... We can also call it pro mode... Whatever...
    My DSLR an my telescopes need a tripod to deliver in low light... I'm glad that N9 can get proper use of a tripod to deliver proper "unbeautified" images in low light... I'm sad that some of these are produced unfocused against my "M" will...
    Anyway, just my opinion with full respect and understanding for other people's feelings when not finding in N9 the indispensable features or behavior their (camera)phone needs.
    Nokia! PLEASE make N9 better with time and thank you for putting it in our hands...
  • With daylight, and in "pro mode" despite not having manual focus (badly by Nokia)
    Let's say that Nokia 9 PV offers more detail in general than the Huawei P30 Pro
    At night or in low light conditions, Huawei is far superior to Nokia 9 PV and the other cameras of current brands and models, however much criticism is made against those captures

    The pro mode, is curious that the Gcam lacks a Pro mode and that with the modes and presets achieve with a single camera what Nokia 9 with five lenses, while Nokia 9 PV lacks a proprietary night mode like all other brands and models (with better or worse fortune, but with night mode being the reference the Google Night Mode)

    The truth is that since the launch of the Nokia 9 PV was expected improvements in the camera section, (diagamos that Android One only personalizes the camera) and fails, not only in that Apk of Nokia camera, but also does it in the unusable sensor of footprint that after promise of the CEO of HDM Global on Twitter continues to fail.

    Nokia 9 calls for a tripod "yes or yes" to achieve maximum performance

    Interestingly, it shoots better photos at night while it is recording in Video Mode, that shooting in Auto Mode (with a horrible ISO 6400) and in Pro Mode - do the test - it is clear that it is a failure of the software adjustment of the Nokia camera app and that has a margin of significant improvement, another is that HDM Global know how to give correct support in this section, or disappointments to which we went to the launch of Nokia 9 PV ending here with this popular range that has gone through three different OS
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