What I'm waiting for: the Nokia N [feature bucket list!]

Hi all,I started putting this together a while ago but got bogged down in learning about the technical stuff. I realised I will do that forever!

What I'm waiting for: the Nokia N [feature bucket list!]

madbilly madbilly
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Hi all,
I started putting this together a while ago but got bogged down in learning about the technical stuff. I realised I will do that forever! I have also been prompted by the fact that @pekka rantala is leaving HMD and he was one of the original people responsible for the N-series which I found so inspiring.
What I am missing from HMD is a true replacement for the Nokia N series, the true flagship devices which showcases the best of technology in many aspects, not only photography. The 9PV is a worthy (though controversial) successor to the previous PureView phones, but in my opinion it's not a successor to the N series. The last N-model was the N9, but in reality that was a watered down member of the N-series, although it was certainly world-leading in its physical design and user experience. The last true N-model was the N8, which was coincidentally my first Nokia and my first touchscreen smartphone!
I'm sure you've all got your own ideas for what you'd like to see on a new Nokia flagship so please share your thoughts. Here are mine.

Body design

  • No glass back - aluminium or polycarbonate preferred;  "Self healing" like LGs a few years ago?
  • Wireless charging
  • Toughest most scratch resistant display glass available
  • Toughened camera glass, no more cracked lens covers please!
  • Some sort of protection for the corners of the front glass in case of impact from dropping
  • LG style drop protection construction (meets MIL-STD?)
  • IP 68
  • User replaceable battery
  • Grippy corners to aid handling one-handed and with gloves
  • No wider than Nokia 8
  • Xpress-on covers… that can conduct heat well ;)
  • Lanyard mount?


  • madbilly madbilly
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    • 120Hz refresh rate
    • Very high max (>1000 nits) and very low min (<5 nits?) brightness
    • Adaptive brightness like in Windows Phone, not like in Android (at least not like current Nokia Android phones - I find Pie to be better now, tbh)
    • 4K OLED screen - 2160p RGB equivalent
    • Full featured glance screen
    • 3D display because it would work well with...
    • 3D touch and edge sensing
    • Super sensitive touch "glove mode"
    • Can be held and used one-handed
    • HDR 10 or better (HDR 12? HDR 10+ or Dolby vision)
    • 32 bit colour
    • No notch and no hole punch
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Camera and audio recording

    • PureView camera - either like Lumia 1020 or like Nokia 9
    • Dedicated image processor to reduce processing times per image to <5 seconds in all cases
    • Optical image stabilisation
    • 12MP photos with Lossless digital zoom - 3x for photos (from 808) 4x in 1080p, 6x in 720p (from Lumia 1020)
    • Pixel size at least 1.4 um (from 808) (N8 was 1.75 um)
    • Shutter speed up to 1/16000
    • RAW/DNG image capture
    • OZO Audio 3D, Focus, Zoom and Windscreen enabled with 4 microphones for full 1080 degrees recording, and which recognises phone orientation and adapts accordingly
    • Xenon flash and led video light (was also on Lumia 1020)
    • Front camera flash
    • LED flashes have variable brightness and colour
    • Dedicated two-stage shutter button
    • Mechanical shutter (or is software good enough now?)
    • Combined iris scanner and 3D face unlock (using ToF sensor or 2 front cameras)
    • Stereoscopic video recording, cameras approximately eye distance apart for use in VR/AR
    • 4k 60fps video recording
    • Full 360 degree panoramas and 1080 degree photosphere - could be combined with an OZO Audio full 3D recording
    • Refocus in both colour and monochrome modes
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Audio Playback

    • 4 external front-facing speakers to allow stereo playback in either portrait or landscape orientation and which adapt to the screen orientation
    • To reduce bezels could use screen that works as a speaker (like LG)
    • OZO Playback enabled
    • Industry leading SnR and acoustic range in the DAC (32-bit Quad DAC and filters?) - Lumia's had 24-bit?
    • Direct stream digital support?
    • OZO Audio Tune editing software provided
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Ports and sockets

    • Dual SIM and separate uSD card slot, not hybrid - or e-SIM with a physical SIM slot and separate uSD card slot
    • 3.5mm headset socket with both OMTP and CTIA support, plus video out
    • USB-C 3.2 with video-out alternate mode  (ideally supporting DP, MHL and HDMI)
    • USB OTG support
    • Some sort of 7.1 surround sound supported via USB
    • USB-PD12v charging supported
  • madbilly madbilly
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    • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G all supported on all possible bands
    • Bluetooth 5 with all necessary things supported
    • Wifi Direct, Miracast, DLNA; WiFi 6? WiFi 60 GHz?
    • Unlicensed mobile access, Voice over WiFi, Generic Access Protocol (GAP?)
    • FM/DAB radio reception
    • FM transmitter!
    • GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Baidou etc
    • NFC (13.56 MHz), RFID
    • ANT+ (2.4GHz), Zigbee (2.4GHz), 6LoWPAN (2.4GHz);
    • Z-Wave, EnOcean (868-926MHz)
    • LPWAN (433 MHz)
    • IR blaster (IrDA)
    • Wireless USB?
  • madbilly madbilly
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    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • Magnetometer / geomagnetic sensor
    • Compass
    • 3D Gyroscope
    • Proximity sensor
    • Barometer / altimeter
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Pedometer
    • Hall sensor
    • Heart rate and blood pressure
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • IR led sensor / Gesture sensor?
    • Eye tracking
    • RGB light sensor / colour spectrum sensor for camera?
    • UV sensor?
    • Oximeter?! (SpO2?)
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hardware specs

    • Processor and memory - more is always better!
    • LPDDR4X or LPDDR5
    • 3 days battery life in realistic use, can stretch to 5 days on a typical outdoor holiday (i.e. lots of camera use but no need for connectivity or much screen time)
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Nokia User Experience (UX) heritage

    • Nokia Pure Font
    • Nokia Symbian Anna / Meego style icons
    • Meego Swipe/Z Launcher/Fastlane notifications/Symbian widgets hybrid UI - see https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/44762/how-to-get-that-nokia-feeling-design-and-ux/p1
    • Nokia sleeping screen
    • Nokia bubbles lock screen
    • Double tap to wake and all the gestures (cancelled or otherwise ) from the last Lumias
    • Unplug charger warning
    • Alarm works when phone is turned off
    • Living images (Cinemagraph?)
    • Moments (frame capture from 4K recording)
    • Creative Studio?
    • Storyteller - scrapbook, album, uses geotagging, can have audio added etc,
    • Nokia memories website?
    • Situations control (now a separate company)
    • HERE maps
    • Swype keyboard
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Other UX

    • VR, Daydream compatible
    • Eye tracking interface control
    • Convergence / desktop mode
    • Voice control and voice dictation
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Other software aspects

    • 6 years software updates from date of release (at least as good as Apple)
    • Similar to Sony Open Devices Programme:
    • Full source (e.g. AOSP and copyleft licenced software) and device tree
    • Bootloader unlock officially supported
    • Android driver binaries available online
    • Plus driver APIs published so no need for software shims
    • Finally... no Google apps pre-installed!… or at least HMD provide non-Google alternatives which don't share data

  • madbilly madbilly
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    • Fairphone-equivalent supply chain (no conflict minerals, fairtrade gold, maximise use of recycled materials, etc)
    • Spares available for purchase outside of warranty at reasonable price (minimum 5 years after the end of manufacturing, they have to be at least as good as Apple)
    • 5-star energy efficiency
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Pie in the sky ideas!

    • A variant with slide out landscape, backlit QWERTY keyboard
    • Stylus support
    • Modular add on system?
    • Private key storage
    • Blockchain or similar distributed-web support For web 3.0
    Phew! That's everything! Knock it down, call me crazy, call be visionary, call me whatever you like! But don't be rude please ;)
    Cheers :smiley:
  • Wow
  • Xioness Xioness
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    Ban ?
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Xioness said:
    Ban ?
    Hi @Xioness, yes I also don't understand! :confused: maybe it's a mistranslation? :grey_question:
  • ZuckHMD ZuckHMD
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    This is interesting ideas and good at the same time , also as user I don't care about look I want see a budget Nokia device that just works not just lags , also I would like to stay away from swift keyboard because it share data like Google keyboard , I prefer keyboard that made by Nokia 
    Also I would like to see themes for the default ui / ux so my phone be unique like how my old Nokia 7610 and Nokia N73 was 
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    IDK how this guy manages it, but this is goosebumps thingy lol. If there was a voting option, I'd vote @madbilly to be a part of the product team
    Cummo @HMD Global, start reading this community! You can get great ideas which the best of your minds will probably never think about.

    That aside, I think that some of the ideas may make a device a niche product. For example the removal of Google apps. I think they can instead just the power to the customers wherein all he needs to do is fastboot oem unlock-go and delete the junk that he/she wants. For the 6 years of updates, even Google cannot ever achieve that. Every year Google modifies Android so much that it becomes incompatible with the older hardware. Most likely it is not possible for an OEM to deliver such a long-term support for a software which is not owned/developed by itself for its own devices. Plus with prices going down and super high competition, the cost of such a product will be hard to match. Maybe only a few will be interested and a niche like this can be tested. The worse that can happen is that they'll fail, but at least they will make some part of the history books.
  • madbilly madbilly
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    singhnsk said:
    If there was a voting option, I'd vote @madbilly to be a part of the product team
    Hahaha! @singhnsk that's the funniest thing I've read so far!!! :D
    Seriously though, thank you for the kind words. I think that a single phone which contained all of my suggestions would be 1) incredibly difficult to engineer for both hardware and software, 2) quite thick which currently is very unfashionable! and 3) expensive! But ignoring that (!), almost all of the things I suggest already exist on current or historic smartphones, most of it is not new at all. There are a few "new" things, or high-level desires I put in there which may be more difficult to achieve, but we wouldn't want it to be too easy would we ;)
    To answer your specific points:
    1. Yes no GApps is probably too niche.
    2. 6 years of updates is very difficult for third-party smartphone maker to achieve (if we consider Apple and Google to be first-party); probably only Samsung and Huawei could achieve this as they also control the silicon on which their phones are based. However, I still maintain that if HMD are serious about bringing the Nokia name back they have to be aiming at the best in class - which is Apple (and was Nokia, in the Lumia days... the 950s are still getting updates!).
    3. Without knowing the fixed costs of developing and marketing a "niche" or "market test" device it's difficult to know if HMD can afford these kind of experiments or now... (I imagine that they currently can't, if you believe some of the rumours on Twitter...).
    @user1529613671146 - I hope not! I don't want to KO HMD, I want to give them ideas to KO their competition! :D
    Cheers :smiley:

  • KuKo KuKo
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    Any estimate of price of such "dreams come true" Nokia? 3000€/$? 

    But how about Nokia foldable 8" phone, to fit in man's tight jeans pocket safely and to open wide 8" screen for videos and for double-app use? So this kind cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/92AKJzNAJRAgjZGnTSHgrj.jpg
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @KuKo, thanks for reading it all! You're right, this phone would be expensive, probably too expensive! But my point was really to highlight all of the things I want, not only the simple but also the exotic. Most of my suggestions are easy to do together, some are difficult to do together, some are simple but expensive, some are niche, some are niche, difficult and expensive to do together! I'm sure that a subset of what I suggested could easily be managed by HMD for a reasonable price.
    A folding phone, yes that would be cool. Microsoft Mobile (which used to be the old Nokia) could have done that a few years ago, they patented an amazing hinge mechanism, but for some reason MS didn't think it worth pursuing. I can only assume that HMD don't have the resources to compete in that "halo" product space at the moment.
    Cheers :)
  • FindingMimo FindingMimo
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    Bands 14 (must) and 71 (prefer)
    Dedicated on-body fingerprint sensor
    Bottom-mount 3.5 mm jack
    Polycarbonate body

    If @Nokia will announce it, I will pre-order


  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @FindingMimo , I like your list ;)
  • madbilly madbilly
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    I just read about the tech which Samsung and LG use which mimics magnetic stripes on cards for contactless pay - Magnetic Secure Transmission (Samsung) or Wireless Magnetic Communiation (LG). I'm adding this to my list! :smiley:
    And @KuKo, MS just announced the folding not-a-phone for release at the end of 2020 ;)
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