ALL taken photos vanish from my Lumia 1020!

I picked up a 2nd hand Nokia Lumia 1020, as I really wanted it as a camera.

ALL taken photos vanish from my Lumia 1020!

I picked up a 2nd hand Nokia Lumia 1020, as I really wanted it as a camera.

Impressed with my first photos, I put them on my PC and left them on the handset too. I took more photos, but didn't upload as there was so much memory.

I could see the slideshow of images scrolling through the photo pane, but when I clicked on them, it went nowhere.

I looked at gallery - nothing!

All the recent pics had gone, as had all the original ones from the previous week.

Since then photos last seconds, minutes or hours - but every single one taken on the phone evaporates.

A couple of photos transferred from the PC to the phone seem to have remained, and 500 songs also seem to have stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this phone is now completely useless as the camera it was bought for.

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    Hi Ben, 

    Lumia branded phones are still supported and distributed by Microsoft. I suggest you to contact their >>support service<< or you contact them via their >>facebook page<<. Additionally you can try >>B2X<< to get support for your Lumia device.


    Hope this will help you. 

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  • Thank you Laura

    I spoke with an advisor in a chat window on Microsofts support page - they told me to contact Nokia!

    To be honest, I'm thinking of stopping using a mobile phone, it's just too much faffing about.

  • murph murph
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    There are essentially 3 different Nokia's here. The original Nokia which sold its phone business to MS, does not currently produce or support any phones, and licenses the use of its name to HMD.

    The second Nokia is part of Microsoft, the phones business they bought from the original and mismanaged into oblivion at a cost of more than $7.5B. This Nokia (MS) is the one responsible for supporting the Lumia phones.

    The third Nokia came after the failure of the MS Nokia, as a completely new company (HMD). It produces the current Android phones and the new nostalgic re-launches of classic Nokia phones. It licensed the name from the original Nokia, and did not buy the original phones business from MS (but I believe they did license some phone technology and other rights from MS Nokia).

    These forums are for the current / new / third Nokia. MS are responsible for both the original Nokia phones business, and everything produced by it once they bought it (including the Lumia range).

    The Nokia you need to contact for Lumia support is part of Microsoft.
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