how to ask nokia for a good mid-ranged small-sized phone?

anyone with connections to the decision makers?

how to ask nokia for a good mid-ranged small-sized phone?

Superviola Superviola
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anyone with connections to the decision makers?

anything above 4.8"' is too large. super frustrated at the lack of a small phone in the market, without having to go back to iphone SE.

iphone SE's build is great, but iOS sux!


  • Thanuj Thanuj
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    I completely agree, Phone sizes are getting out of hand. A few years ago, 6 inch phone were considered tablets, but not 6" are now the norm. The sweet spot for me is 5" - 5.5" inches with no bezels or small chins.
  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    The Nokia 7 which i used for about an year was a nice package. It was 5.2-inches and the on-screen buttons would take some space. So, ideally it was around 5. Unfortunately, that masterpiece was never launched outside of China.
    I know there is some demand for smaller screen sizes, but that gets overlapped because more people prefer a phone with bigger screen. But if Nokia makes a smaller phone, it can capture the market for all those looking for a smaller phone.
  • madbilly madbilly
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    You're right, and this has been mentioned many times by many people - come on @juho, let's have a compact but well-specced smartphone!
    Screen size can sometimes be misleading though, because the trends to 1) reduce bezel sizes, 2) increase the aspect ratio so making the screen "taller", and 3) to remove capacitative buttons and instead use on-screen gestures/buttons, has meant that although screen sizes have been increasing phones have not got much wider (although in some cases they have got a lot taller).
    If you search on gsmarena, or other places you can find which smartphones have dimensions you might feel comfortable with. Under 65mm wide it appears that the only new phones are in Japan, but under 70mm there are some global options, like the Xperia 10 or Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e I think. I don't know why HMD think that this is not a market worth investing in, but their highest spec phone under 70mm wide is the 5.1.
    Cheers :)
  • Evindzer Evindzer
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    How to ask? You just say this: "Nokia, I'm asking you for a good midranged smallsized phone" and that's it. 😆
    They won't listen to you or make that kind of stuff, but you knew that before you even asked, so.... 🤣
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