Nokia 6.1 plus a stone age phone !

What the hell is going on with my Nokia 6.1 plus.

Nokia 6.1 plus a stone age phone !

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What the **** is going on with my Nokia 6.1 plus.

First, all the Nokia charging port scam and now these useless updates.  
Nokia we are the end consumers of your devices if you can't hear us then what is the point of this community tab.  
This June update made my Nokia 6.1 plus as slow as a snail.  It is charging like it will take a whole night to juice up. And wow what a battery backup.  Battery backup is like it will last for 1000 years.  What an amazing update.  
If you cannot make phone's experience smoother and faster, then please don't put your silly updates to degrade the overall experience of your Nokia smartphones. 

Issues faced after June update:
1. Battery degrading like ****!
2. Dam Slow charging
3. Touch Issues 
4. Lagging.
5. Fingerprint feedback got fast however fingerprint sensor itself got slow! Amazing Isn't it!


  • Thanuj Thanuj
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    Your post was worth a good laugh! :lol:
    I fail to understand how the USB port is a scam, Nokia never announced particularly about the Port AFAIK, other than its a USB type-c port which other manufacturers do too. The phone never slows down or picks up its pace like popeye eating spinach in my case. It always gives me consistent performance any time, every time. Battery degrading happens on every phone, Even on Flagships. What you mean is battery drain. I recommend checking your phones battery usage and background apps before complaining about performance, battery and lag.

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