FM Radio Screeching and Screen Blackout

I listened to FM radio but it screamed noises in every station even with headphone changing and also got screen blackout when I locked the phone, then it restarted afterwards. Does it happen to anyone?

P.S. FM fuction is also the feature that I decided to choose this phone.
2nd P.S. I'm begging you, Nokia, to improve the camera app. It got lots of problems to be complained here. hehe.


  • Hi guys, 
          Even me also facing same issue where all stations of FM radio getting too much noise even after changing multiple headphones.
         Hi developers please fix this issue ASAP for next market release. bz these noise hurts too much to ears.
  • I just bought a new nokia 5 with terrible fm reception. Is anyone from nokia aware of this? I've read numerous of topics about this issue, but nokia does not seem to respond?
  • @HMDLaura is there any solution to this or it has never been considered to be one of problems which need to be fixed.