NOKIA 6 phone going into dead state

Hi mates, today I found my Nokia 6 dead all of a sudden and had to troubleshoot it in several ways to bring it back alive so i wanted to know the reason behind it as it is just a 2 month old phone with only 14 GB filled out of 32 GB, no games installed, phone being used very frequently, well maintained and battery will being 41%.

NOKIA 6 phone going into dead state

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Hi mates, today I found my Nokia 6 dead all of a sudden and had to troubleshoot it in several ways to bring it back alive so i wanted to know the reason behind it as it is just a 2 month old phone with only 14 GB filled out of 32 GB, no games installed, phone being used very frequently, well maintained and battery will being 41%. I removed the sim and re-inserted but didnt work, pressed the power button for several time but didnt work , while keeping it for charging for 15min i tried the above two method again but didnt work and finally I did a hard reset by pressing + and - volume button along with power button for 20 seconds and it came back alive for the second attempt.

Pls fix this major issue as its a brand new phone with these many issues and what was the problem for it to going into dead state?. Had other problems like the finger print unlocking is lagging or is becoming a bit slow to open. Sometimes the finger print dont work properly. What is going on guys?



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    Hi user1509071284694,

    Sorry to hear this. I would recommend contacting customer support as soon as you can, as they will be able to look into the issue more closely. Alternatively you could use our locator service and take it to your nearest care center. 

    Hope your issue gets resolved soon and that you'll get to enjoy your new Nokia 6 without any hiccups in no time. 

    Have a great day!
    Anna (Moderator) 

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    I too had the same experience. And it is even worse.

    My Nokia 6 blacked out day before yesterday. It didn't switch on. Tried to charge the battery using the wall charger came with the phone package but didn't work. Tried different power slots and cables. After some time i connected it with a power bank and switched on to recovery mode and Hard Reset the phone. Then restarted. I had to set up the phone again and lost all my photos and videos. Even now the phone doesn't charge as it was. Charging speed is too low (maximum is 200mA~300mA) and when switched off it does not switch on with power key. I need to connect my power bank and try the combination keys (power+vol up keys) to get it switched on. 

    The Phone is just one month old and I am really worried if it was wrong decision to go for the brand which was my favorite brand once. :(

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    Hey I had called the customer support guys and nothing much of a help was given as they told tat it may be due to some application getting stuck so I was not happy with the reason they gave as I hve used Android before and never I hve seen a month old with so much free space going dead all of a sudden.
    Try calling them and raise a issue so tat they take the matter seriously
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     I haven't even had my phone for a week. It would sometimes just stop responding or tell me some app has stopped. I found that it would reboot or get turned off all of a sudden on its own. I deleted apps, cleaned caches, etc.

    Yesterday the phone just turned off. Says System UI has stopped. Cannot open with **** recognition or fingerprint. When I try to turn it off just says system UI has stopped. I can keep hitting close system UI while hitting turn off phone at the same time. Cannot get into recovery mode to do a hard reset, nothing happens except the phone turns back on but never makes it past the lock screen then I am unable to open it further saying system UI has stopped. I really wanted to like this phone and already bought accessories. Guess its going back. Is this what we call a  bricked phone?

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    Thats very bad and is a big issue. Can anna do something abt it. How can we take this issue further
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    this has also happened to me!

    power and volume keys only way to turn it back on!

    what the heck man

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    I hve started suggesting ppl not to buy Nokia, no proper response and no support in india and no updates to fit. Guys i suggest u all to do the same by suggesting ppl not to buy
  • Hey all! 

    Very sorry to hear this and wholeheartedly understand your frustration. 

    I have forwarded your feedback. However, as there are multiple variables at play, it is impossible to investigate the reported issues on the basis of this forum thread. This is why I urge you to take your phone to you nearest care center. They will be able to investigate, troubleshoot and document your individual issues in detail, with all the necessary information. 

    Many thanks for your continued patience and I truly hope your issues get resolved soon. 

    Anna (Moderator) 

  • Download software on nokia site and use pc to install the software on the phone by hard reset menu

    Its happening with my Nokia 5 too. With less than a month the phone started to have battery charging issues and now it's 'dead'. Not even the power + volume button works anymore. 

    It's such a shame. Feel like this new phones don't deserve to bear the Nokia brand. Once my favorite ones, now I fell compelled to strongly advise people not to by them.

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    Nokia 6 died and nothing helps. Think I'll start warning people as well.

    Nokia, you can do better than this. Give us a real answer, not the Anna-bot.

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    SORRY! Time to do the walk of shame. After labourous research, I found that the other end of the wall lead was not plugged in. Sorry Nokia, my bad.

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    Yes I had this common enough problem with my Nokia 3.  However, since upgrading to Android Oreo beta the problem has not occurred again.  Prior to upgrading from 7.1.1, I was getting the Nokia 3 powering itself off at least twice a day and always when I plugged in the USB charger cable regardless of the actual battery charge.

    I used the OTA upgrade from 7.1.1 to Oreo 8.0 beta 15 days ago and have been unable to reproduce the problem since then.

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    Same thing happen to me twice today. I even had to call it with another line and it was ringing but blank. What is really causing this because I feel its just lock on its own.
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    I am also facing the same issue. I purchased this cell yesterday and today all of a sudden my cell went into the dead state. Tried everything and nothing happened and automatically after 15 minutes it turned on. It is very disappointing as the phone is only 1 day old. Nokia please resolve this issue ASAP. I can't find any feature in smart unlock also. The screen is total white there is no option to select anything after entering in smart unlock. Where the **** is face unlock?
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    Power button is not working, how to resolve this problem?
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    Nokia need to up their game and technology. I spent so much money to buy a Nokia 6 phone then it goes off in less than a month (3 weeks) I feel defrauded. Though the warranty says 1 year am not convinced it will last that long. I loved the phone quit stylish and powerful but am thinking twice. Am yet to try the volume +- power button.
  • Maksym Sydorov Maksym Sydorov

    At least, I'm not alone with my problem! 

    Guys, lets maintain each other))

    Few days ago I've found the problem that the power/lock button of my Nokia 6 (8 month usage) does not work properly.

    The issue is when I try to lock/unlock or power off the phone the button does not respond and the sreen still working. This is one issue. The second issue is that when I had the camera double-click feature switched on the phone turned on the camera instead of switching off the screen by the single-click. That was awful. Instead of have locked phone in my pocket, I had phone with working camera and flashlight in my pocket. Sometimes, when the issue appears, different apps could start on the phone lying in my pocket. Because the sreen can't turn off.

    But recently the power/lock button stops working at all. So I don't know can I turn on the phone someday when it turns off.

    I'm genuine NOKIA fan. From the first NOKIA through Microsoft Nokia till the HMD Global Nokia.

    I'm really offended. No one of my Nokia phones were in a service center before. I'm still using Nokia E72 as a second alarm clock. And my parents still using Nokia 1100.

    Dear HMD, we are waiting you to respond with confession about power/lock button trouble in the Nokia 6 model. 

    And we hope you'll offer an acceptable solution of the issue to your customers.

    Thank you.

  • Same issue is happening to me. My Nokia 6.1 just two to three days used is just going back to blank screen after charging. No screen or anything showing up. Its just dead as a brick.

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