July security update review

Hello friends comment here if you found any bug or new feature after july security update.

July security update review

keshavyadav1111 keshavyadav1111
 /  edited August 24
Hello friends comment here if you found any bug or new feature after july security update.


  • user1525032498131 user1525032498131
     /  edited July 24

    no significant improvement found; only 87.4 mb update...no face unlock, no camera improvements. dissapointed.

  • user1528215133904 user1528215133904
     /  edited July 24
    Its not a firmware update its a security patch update.. Expect nothing
  • bvanaerde bvanaerde
     /  edited July 24

     I'm curious if the touch problem after unlock still exists in this release.

  • user1527261163792 user1527261163792
     /  edited July 24

    My phone is no longer restarted after rebooting, it is locked on the Androidone screen..

  • ramz6 ramz6


    found the update icon has changed

  • user1525031175601 user1525031175601
     /  edited July 16
    Another month disappointment, still no face unlock in OTA. :(
  • user1525032498131 user1525032498131
     /  edited July 17

    indeed another month of disappointment...... now I do have a apprehension that Nokia really wants to fix major bugs within 7 plus......consumers like me can bear the pain that we might not be getting THE FACE UNLOCK feature in INDIA but why we have to come across the bugs daily.... specially low light camera performance is pathetic...... very sad to see that we are and will have to suffer with these all issues.

  • spes spes
     /  edited July 22
    Nothing new broken after update. Good so far.
  • kiko05 kiko05
    ✭✭  /  edited July 17
    face unlock will be available possible next month! not this month so stop complaining always blaming nokia get another mobile then like samsung which doesn't have security update maybe in a year!
  • user1525032498131 user1525032498131
     /  edited July 24

    Hey, no one is either complaining or blaming Nokia.... each one of us is posting their personal views and exchanging their issues having with NOKIA 7 PLus.......so stop being impatient and advising others regarding their choice of selecting a brand.

  • libin2711 libin2711
     /  edited July 15
    All you people crying for face unlock stop,
    FIRSTLY face unlock feature is already activated for this device in june security update.
    Now here is How to activate face unlock
    Go to settings>security and features>smart unlock> **** recognition activate it.
    LOL. Enjoy
  • user1531425936678 user1531425936678
     /  edited July 24
    And Face Unlock is not more secure than fingerprint. I don't want Face Unlock.
  • user1514722700677 user1514722700677
    ✭✭  /  edited July 24

    For me fast charging does not work at all. no rapidly charging. RIP update

  • SydneyBW SydneyBW
    I can no longer make/receive phone calls or use data after the update with either Sim slot - SD card works fine. The phone detects the sim card's carrier and imports APN settings - APN settings are fine. I even got a new Sim just in case. I have rebooted, shut down, factory reset wiped (both thru settings and recovery), and tried to go to android P but the build is "older" so it wouldn't let me. All steps have been unsuccessful - pls help!
  • Nisha Sharma Nisha Sharma
    After july security update my nokia 7 plus get overheated above 52 53 degree celsius in normal usage or simply evn if i download 100mb file
  • purna chandra purna chandra
    ✭✭  / 
    Nokia still doesn't learn the way to earn customer trust.another month of disappointment.Come on Nokia...still waiting for theFace unlock and Camera update..the camera quality is very pathetic and I feel ashamed to click a photo in front of my friends one plus 6.
    I already told my friends not to go for Nokia 7 plus as Nokia doesn't listen their customers voice
  • daniel  g m daniel g m

    One good feature I found was that fast charging is now disabled after the update. Well done NOKIA :)

  • paras paras
    Hey Guys my phone has a face lock why did not you have.
  • pijomir pijomir
    Fast charging works for me. The screen must be off.
  • My SIM 1 is not receiving any network after the update. I tried rebooting it multiple times, putting it into flight mode and back, but nothing. I get network for about 1-2 seconds but it's back to square one.
  • Fast charging can be really handy
  • paras paras
    Yes you're right.
  • vinayak vinayak
     /  edited July 23
    I found the bug 1st is the rapid charging after battery becomes 30%. Second thing is charging gets disconnected after some time even though it's plugged in charging most of the time when battery is below 10% level. 1july security patch update is worse. I wish I can un-install the July patch security update.
  • paras paras
    I think there is no way to uninstall it.
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