July security patch

Now seeding, 79.1MB

July security patch

mrbelter mrbelter
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Now seeding, 79.1MB


  • alexkay alexkay
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    Me too, 79.1 MB for July security patch arrived here. This month the patch arrived a few days earlier than usually between 14th and 19th of the months. THX, Nokia!
  • patch security of june chile?

  • I have clipboard Paste text problems in July security updates
  • madbilly madbilly
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    Can any one else confirm the clipboard paste errors after the July security patch? What model number is your phone?
  • dreamsontheway dreamsontheway
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    Hello I have a problem . When I call to someone then automatically voice goes loud to loudspeaker and on screen loudspeaker icon not loud show but when I press loud icon and press to normal then voice goes to ear speaker. Please solve it and please support AR
  • ABuyer ABuyer

    I have a question regarding the previous V4.88B update, the pro cam 1. Is fast charging working for TA 1004 when the screen is on on the latest update?? What I mean by working is, lets say battery is at 10% and you plug in the phone and keep using it to watch Youtube or do other social media stuff does the phone fast charge or is it charging at reduced speeds??

    I have a Nokia 7 plus as well and with that Nokia change the fast charge behavior with an update so it no longer fast charges with the screen on and that is very annoying, I just need confirmation that this is not the case with the V4.88B update. Also some users reported boot looped devices, did any of you face any issues while updating to pro cam update??

  • Dheeraj Dheeraj
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    @ABuyer i didnt face any issues after doing the pro cam update. Also the phone fast charges while still in use.
  • Another update, another issue. Now getting random notification vibrations when there's no notifications at all, and the issue with calls going to loudspeaker with no indication whatsoever on screen
  • revanmj revanmj
    For me, HCE payments completely stopped working after July security update. No matter how I put the phone to the terminal, there is no reaction at all.
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