Strengthen Nokia device security

As I see Nokia growing up everyday working hard with Google security to strengthen the safety and security of their mobile phones, I feel like I can't wait to wake up one day with the setup improvement of allowing the Nokia device power button to ask a password before giving the options to shutdown or restart the phone same applies during hard reset phone, I think by having that ability our devices will be safer than ever before... I hope Nokia will one day take this into consideration.


  • Opinions needed, please... About 2 weeks ago, I returned and got a refund for a Nokia 7.2 (TA-1196) (which I'd had for about 3 months) due to issues with poor battery life, alarms not going off properly (and random alarm notifications popping up out of nowhere) and due to the fact that the phone STILL didn't have the Android 10 update despite it being well overdue.

    Shortly after, I purchased a very cheap second hand (but in perfect condition) Nokia 2.3, which got the Android 10 update as soon as I set it up. I only bought this as a temporary phone to use until I bought another, more powerful Nokia device.

    I'm now having issues with the Nokia 2.3 (TA-1211), the main one being that the phone seems to force close apps to such an extent that I'm missing a LOT of notifications. When I get messages in apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype, the phone doesn't give me a single sound or visual notification until I actually OPEN the app in question.

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    Install antivirus and other security software on your device and any connected computer. Only use one antivirus app at a time. Using more may affect the performance and operation of the device and/or computer. If you access preinstalled bookmarks and links to third party internet sites, take the appropriate precautions.