Nokia 3.1 TA-1057, charge port, weak Bluetooth, and battery shut down issues.

All in all I must say is a great phone except for the charge Port the Bluetooth is weak when used with Wi-Fi and after the July security patch phone charger charges very slowly and device suddenly shuts off at 11 to 15%.

I purchased my 3.1 ta-1057 in January 2019 six months later there's a problem with the charge Port the next issue is whenever my Wi-Fi is activated the Bluetooth signal is very very weak.
also when Bluetooth is activated Wi-Fi download and upload speeds are extremely so soon as you deactivate Bluetooth your speeds pickups tremendously. As for the charging it was working fine it was charging fast until the July security patch. the phone takes forever to charge now and sometimes it just does not charge. could you please fix this problem in the next security patch very very very irritating and frustrating. Also adaptive brightness is very glitchy and the brightness bar when you set it to low it completely shuts down the screen can you guys work on that also please.
Other than the problems above I have no other problems security patches are downloading very easily installing. 


  • I have exactly the same problem with the battery of my Nokia 3.1, bought in Jan 2019.

    Any luck in finding a solution to your battery issue?

  • Same with me

  • I'm also experiencing the same charging issue, very slow and at times doesn't charge. I have to replug several times for it to charge