Unresponsive Nokia 6 after recent updates

Is anyone else experiencing major problems with their Nokia 6 following the recent updates?

Unresponsive Nokia 6 after recent updates

Cayla79 Cayla79
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Is anyone else experiencing major problems with their Nokia 6 following the recent updates? Mine stops working, screen won't come on, can't turn the phone off, system UI stops responding and if it's been in my pocket or a bag, it doesn't work at all! I've also hard reset it twice and it's still doing it!! Only got it in February as an upgrade from HTC desire 825 ! Had the Nokia Lumia 735 Windows phone and never had a problem, but this one... This one ain't playing 

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  • Is it doing this after the July security patch that came through, I got the ota update last week and on restart after the download my mobile became bricked with no response to a hard reset. I've now had to send it into Nokia care under a warranty claim, I've read another report that after said update that apps were hanging and slow mobile function, there is obviously a problem with the early released July patch that has been pushed through, I was very surprised at how early it arrived in the month compared to previous months.
  • user1522374684947 user1522374684947
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    I spent a long time on chat with Nokia support but they were unable to assist in getting my mobile active again, it just would restart to the laying Android with warning triangle and NO COMMAND. I gave up and put it on charge which made it come up with powered by Android on the screen. After taking it off charge it still held that on screen and was no responsive to powering on or off.
    I then contacted support again and their instant reply was to send it to Nokia care and posted the appropriate sevice centre here in Australia. I've had no issues and it has been running faultlessly up until this July security patch, purchased it in November 2017. Ta-1033 model.
  • Nguyen Nguyen
    This is July update. It seems that they haven't tested. Support won't help you. I have long discussion with them and they start messing my home network. I told them stop you don't know what you are doing. The phone nothing to do with Nokia. Even Finnish won't buy it.
  • user1513313099863 user1513313099863
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    My Nokia TA-1021 is also facing many problems after july security update.Fingerprint sensor is not working properly, phone slow.
  • Cayla79 Cayla79
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    My issues started with the May/June updates, there was 2 updates within the week and since then, I'm left with what feels like a 4 year old phone instead of a 5/6 month old one
  • user1531873942719 user1531873942719
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    Hands also started having performance issues since may/june updates. Apps constantly crashing, slow response, constantly needing to reboot phone.
  • Got mobile back from Nokia care, they have upgraded the software to 8.1.0, security updates came through on start up. Haven't downloaded the July update, as I'm sure it will brick my mobile again.
  • I have also problems with the july update, no mobile data and no connection to the google services even with WiFi on. The same happened after the may update and was fixed with the june update!! Contacted the Nokia support and they want me to change the SIM Card and such stupid things.
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