Shocked at overall performance

I have had the handset a few months now and my experience with this handset. It's so slow and glitchy to respond.

Shocked at overall performance

I have had the handset a few months now and my experience with this handset. It's so slow and glitchy to respond. And the camera missed moments trying to get the thing in focus. When it is it takes the pic four seconds later. By then kid's have moved ect. I'm constantly having to clear the cache after every thing I do on the phone. Facebook, Amazon, Gmail,play store, and so on. Tried full reset twice with little improvement. No I don't overload the phone with apps. Overall put six apps on that it didn't come with out of the box. I'm afraid that I'm stuck with this till my contract runs out.


  •  what phone are you talking about please? how could you have it already for a few month when it's relatively new? and what contract do you have?

  • I've had Nokia 8 since release (in Sweden).
    In relatively low light situations the camera can be rather slow. But I have no other issues with performance.
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    From your description tbe phone is busted(speculation). You Should try to exchange it for a new one.

    Anyway, have you tried a factory reset? If the isssue sticks after, then the phone might be busted.

    Finally, have you runned any av scan on your phone. I realize that this kind of cases are rare, but, who knows. There were some legitim apps that were infectected a few weeks ago etc.

    Finally: camera, well, the camera app has some issues, not very bad, but sometimes quite annoying.
  • I'm certainly not experiencing the issues you seem to be having. Have you received any firmware updates since you got the phone? The initial firmware that came with my device was quite buggy but things got better and more stable when Nokia pushed a software update. I completely agree that the camera app needs some work and from what I have read I believe the Lumia camera app could be in the works so be patient I think some great things will be happening with this device. In the meantime why you don't you join the beta labs for the Nokia 8 and see how you get in with Oreo, I've found it to be very stable with no real show stopping bugs other than the camera app being a bit flaky. If you are still having issues with Oreo I would start to suspect you have a faulty device and I would have a chat about getting your device replaced as my experience has found this to be a very fast and snappy device, I've not noticed it lag at all other than with the camera app.
  • If the OP really is experiencing these issues then they have either installed a really bad virus app or they have a faulty device.
  • Hi marc cuthbert! 

    I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with the Nokia 8 so far. As suggested by others here, I would warmly recommend taking your phone to be looked at at your nearest care center. You can use our care center locator or, if you're in Europe, take it directly to the retailer/operator you bought it from. 

    Very much hope you get to enjoy your new Nokia 8 without any hiccups soon!

    Have a wonderful day,

    Anna (Moderator) 

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     Running 8.1 with April security patch. Performance is smooth not stuttery or janky UI animations, but most apps reload 90% of the time and sometimes during multitasking the phone hangs for a few seconds. Overall its smooth enough but could be optimized more.

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