Battery drain


Battery drain

Siva Prasath Siva Prasath
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    Hello,Since you have not given the name of the device for making particular sort out so you can follow these common steps for reducing app drains to certain extent
    1. Apps and notifications>All apps>Select the app>Battery>Under "Manage Battery Usage">Change the option to "optimize battery use"
    2. The above step need to be done for every app you use
    3. Go to Battery>three dots>Battery Optimization>check for Power saver>change it to Optimise use(if these option is still available)
    4. if above things not yet worked then do the factory reset and check the battery draining conditions
  • Siva Prasath Siva Prasath
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    nokia 6.1 plus
  • Tatane Tatane
    I've been havign problems wiht my battery after an update to android 9, only charged up to 25% .

    Anyone is having this terrible issue???
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