Can't copy any music files to my phone

MollyF ✭✭
edited July 2019 in Nokia 3.1
When I connect my Nokia 3.1 to my laptop it won't let me copy any files to it - my laptop sees it as a CD Drive called D. Or make a folder either - it seems to be locked. Am I supposed to install a driver first? There is a setup.exe file there.


  • My problem is that I cannot play music by any music app. I used to use Google play music but since upgrade of the phone,I can't play music.
  • can't get any ringtones to download to nokia 3.1
  • I'm having the same problem. I have music on the SD card and on the phone. Apps don't see the music and the phone doesn't see the music files for ringtones.
    This is EXTREMELY frustrating and makes me regret buying a Nokia.
    It's such a lovely phone but why this bug?
  • [{"insert":"For. Not being able to play music after an update wipe your phone and start afresh \nPut in the music's again\nIt will play\n\n\n"}]