Am I the only one having these issues with their Nokia 9 PureView?

I really wanted to like this phone - I always loved the old Nokia Lumia phones.

Am I the only one having these issues with their Nokia 9 PureView?

Ethan_MS-DOS Ethan_MS-DOS
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I really wanted to like this phone - I always loved the old Nokia Lumia phones. But, I keep getting hung up on so many issues with this thing and I'm really curious if anyone else is having these issues with their Nokia 9 PureView.

- After the July update, the fingerprint scanner is so unreliable. It always worked for me mostly fine from day one (I know a lot of people had issues though), but now it's almost always telling me to check my position and press harder.
- Black and white pictures are too low when you take an upclose shot. I figure this is due to the middle camera being the viewfinder and the black and white cameras are at the bottom. I think it should compensate for that instead of me having to know just how off center I should take the picture.
- It used to only do this rarely, but now after the July update, it almost always does this. Color photos are off center. It's like it doesn't pick the center camera to fuse as the main one and it randomly picks another camera. I use the grid and I know it was centered before I took the picture.
- Does anyone notice that the phone slows way down (especially anything with the camera or fingerprint scanner) as the battery gets low? Mine also gets really gittery too.
- How's battery life for you all? Overall, it's very mediocre for me. If I'm taking pictures though, it's awful.


  • Stukloplast Stukloplast
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    I can only add other issues to yours. Can't even sell the phone to bye something better...
  • Tomasz ExFiddling Tomasz ExFiddling
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    In my phone fingerprint scaner juest died after june update.I'm going to send it to service after holidays,and hope they will exchange this phone
  • ENIO19 ENIO19
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    In my case none of that happened by luck. I am in Argentina and it would be impossible to claim
  • Evindzer Evindzer
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    Morricone, is that you? 😂😝😂😝😂
  • Yes, the phone starts to get laggy and finger print scanner gets more buggy during low batteries and if multiple pictures are getting processed or fused together in camera... However, this is my first time using a finger print scanner so I never had the feel of other brands and their much better scanners. So I tested it on a friend's One Plus 6t. It worked flawlessly like a charm. But I noticed that it does not create a vibration feedback while unlocking. I don't know why but I felt that this is the main reason for Nokia 9 scanner to act clumsy and inaccurate. In order to confirm my doubt I disabled the vibration feedback on Nokia 9 finger print sensor by simply putting it in Battery Saver mode and guess what, it works amazingly just like the One Plus 6t. 

    These are just simple hardware tweaks which I don't know why Nokia didn't pay attention to.

    Anyway I hope that Nokia is listening and will have them fine tuned in the upcoming version of Nokia 9 cos I really want Nokia to receive good press with their new flagship.
  • Falck Falck
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    I can also add to this thread, Bluetooth problems!

    I did a factory reset after July-update. And now I have to reboot the phone to get it to discover new bluetooth devices!

    The phone itself can't do a search, but the other devices can discover the phone. Also the other devices can connect, but phone cannot initialize the new connection (nor see the new devices in the search list). The phone also don't remember new bluetooth devices if I don't reboot the phone and then search for new bluetooth devices! Don't know if this happens after a while with bluetooth on, or if I have to do ut after each newly connected device.

    If a device is connected properly, the phone will remember that device and will reconnect as expected.

    Don't know if I explained this problem in a manner people can understand.
  • Ethan_MS-DOS Ethan_MS-DOS
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    Thanks everyone who responded with their issues! I knew from reviews that the phone was temperamental, but I just needed to know whether mine was just a bad one in the batch or what.

    I've had Bluetooth issues too. Mainly just random disconnects and it refusing to reconnect. I've also had it randomly turn Bluetooth on and automatically connect to a device.

    One of the biggest issues I've had is that the Hotspot never works for more than ten minutes, if that. Then the connection gets so slow that the device connected to it effectively doesn't have any internet. Most of the time though, the device can't even connect (fails after trying for a few minutes) or it connects and says "No internet". Anybody get the Hotspot to work on their Nokia 9 PureView? 
  • rupert rupert
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    My Hotspot works for as long as some device is connected to it. Bluetooth works well. Occasionally my cell to phone device disconnects. Fingerprint reader works as will as I expected. My greatest problem is when connecting to a PC with USB, I cannot see the photo images, I only get image icons. I have tried other Android phones, this phone is the only one that I have seen not show the images. I must transfer the images to the  PC see the images. Do any of you experience this? 
  • polarbear4711 polarbear4711
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    it's a shame!
    If this is Nokias flagship..... bye bye!
    Never had a phone with such a bad fingerprint sensor! Come on [email protected]: ready steady GOOOOO

  • auxtian auxtian
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    All I can say is very disappointed after having Nokia and Lumia Windows phones. Things just work poorly.
  • Ethan_MS-DOS Ethan_MS-DOS
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    @rupert I have the issue with only having image icons too when viewing pictures on a USB connection.
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