Nokia 8.1 Touchscreen Issue

My Nokia 8.1 becomes unresponsive sometimes and doesn't work until I lock the screen and reopen.

Nokia 8.1 Touchscreen Issue

Vishalvk Vishalvk
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My Nokia 8.1 becomes unresponsive sometimes and doesn't work until I lock the screen and reopen.


  • varad varad
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    I had similar issue since I bought. It got resolved through touch panel replacement
  • Find bugs Find bugs
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    I think it's known issue and some users also complain it in Taiwan.
    There were some discussion from ,but the language is Traditional Chinese.
    The method to solve it was suspend and resume the device.
    Now, we do not know HMD can solve it or not.
    One kind of the touch  no response problem likes the below link
  • silent eyes silent eyes
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    I visited the service centre twice. Nit solved yet
  • sachepal sachepal
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    I have been facing similar issues since I bought Nokia 8.1. 
  • Matteus Matteus
    I have Faces with Similä problems on My Nokia 8.1 and it is quite disturbing to always close The display and open it again. When I bought the phone I did not had the problem.

    What do you recommend to fix this issue?
  • Imran12 Imran12
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    Same problem here with nokia 8.1
  • Mark99 Mark99
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    My Nokia 8.1 touch screen unresponsive today, its not working? Need help please.
  • Mjrocks Mjrocks
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    Hi have the same issue. Do I need a screen replacement?

  • user1555208268263 user1555208268263
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    These issues were not in Android pie , they all popped out after Android 10. There was some maintenance update scheduled for Nokia 8.1 ,but I think it most probably cancelled

  • Nachiketa Nachiketa
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    Hey Nokia fans, I am also facing this issue since last 6 months on my Nokia 8.1. I tried multiple troubleshooting steps including formatting my device reinstalling all the apps one by one to check if there is any app that cause this issue. one thing I have observed is, my device is working perfectly fine until I install Twitter and whenever I play some videos on my Twitter feed, this freezing issue starts occurring. my device works perfectly fine until I play any video on my Twitter. I'm not sure how this screen freezing is linked to playing video in Twitter, but somehow this observation has helped me a lot. since then I have uninstalled Twitter and I never play a video on my Twitter list. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's just a trade off that I have to do.

    Just to be clear, It's not that what I did was random now I have double checked triple checked my observations and every time this behaviour was repeated

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