Nokia 8 restart automatically

dear all,
Is there anyone experiences his/her Nokia 8 unit when in use and not plugged into power outlet/or power bank it will restart/or shutdown by itself automatically especially when battery status reaches below 90%??. It happen to my unit since the last two SP update. Before it always shutdown and restart when the battery level below 50%, but now getting worst. i can only use it normally when the unit was plugging into power outlet or power bank. Please help


  • I am having the same issue. I believe the issue is happening post update of 5.150. Till tat it was fine. I guess the issue mostly happens wen the load on phone is very high or when battery is low less than 30. Camera app usually process the image and wen the battery is low it reboots multiple times. It's really annoying and irritating. 
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  • Nokia 8 started restarting when i try to use camera. It got worse and phone kept restarting in its own. 15-20 times in a day making it completely useless. I did factory restore and now it has become better. However, it still restarts when i open camera app.

  • I have the same problems with restarts I do the factory restore and nothing changes not better The latest Android version is installed

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    I get through this several time while playing Sims on my device. I thought It's only happen with my phone.

  • I have the same issue, and it's getting worse, my only fear is that it might be a battery problem. I have fiddled with log cat to see that maybe it's an OS bug or something but to no avail. I love this phone, i do not want to change it. Can someone from nokia please help us and investigate this issue. I will keep bumping this discussion everyday if need be.

  • Same issue I have facing now.. automatically restarting itself when battery percentage becomes less than 50, 60% . I have done factory reset but still remains the same issue. Also restarting when I open camera app Need help in this.

  • same here, do not bother resetting to factory.

    i think it might be the battery :(

  • Hugues Lombard
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    I found a solution on mine : inactivate the battery optimization process in system parameters.

    Since inactivated, mine works like a charm.