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Nokia 2 (1 May 2019 Update) refuses to encrypt, and other issues.

Oreo is still very problematic. @HMD_Laura @"HMD Global"

Nokia 2 (1 May 2019 Update) refuses to encrypt, and other issues.

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Oreo is still very problematic. @HMD_Laura @HMD Global

I tried everything, master reset multiple times using the charger method with no luck. It simply doesn't encrypt. I'm not sure if it's my imagination Battery also drains faster while in battery-saving mode. The UI also doesn't lag while in saving mode. It also seems stuck at 1 May 2019 Update. The latest one is suppose to be July 2019.

Can anyone please assist?



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    Since Encryption is not necessary for a device like Nokia 2 due to special case where Users don't withstand on One of the OS,so they might kept the encryption mode in inactive so that users can do as many times the Revert and Up-gradation of the device

    Once encrypted you can't even downgrade or upgrade the device smoothly and it will make the device unusable.

    To do any upgrade or downgrade the software device should not be in encryption mode else damage will take place and this was already been mention at the time of Nokia Beta Labs Page
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    My phone doesn't want to downgrade. I requested the downgrade numerous times.
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