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Is Android Auto working for anyone on a Nokia 3.1 with Android 8.0?  I can't get it to work and apparently this isn't limited to Nokia.  Looks like an Android p…

Android Auto

Kurt Kurt
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Is Android Auto working for anyone on a Nokia 3.1 with Android 8.0?  I can't get it to work and apparently this isn't limited to Nokia.  Looks like an Android problem:!topic/android-auto/bM_a57CZQfs;context-place=forum/android-auto

I apparently can't enroll in the Nokia beta program in the US and who knows when my phone will get 8.1 (and who knows if it will fix the problem).  So I'll probably just return my phone for a refund.


  • Same problem here Android auto cannot be operated on my phone too
    Nokia 3.1 will not pair / connect to my Volkswagen T-Roc car's ANDROID AUTO (AA) app. I have tried the cable supplied by Nokia as well as a couple of other USB Data transfer cables without success.

    Having installed AA on the phone, turned it on and pressed the car's screen APP button, the sequence of instruction is as follows:

    Car screen says:

    1. "Welcome to App-Connect. Please connect a device via USB.
    (Three non-selectable labels are displayed viz ...... AA; Apple Play; MirrorLink)

    2. Cable connected between car's USB 1 and phone.

    3. "Connection will be established via AA. The device can no longer be used as a source in 'Media' "

    4. "Reading USB 1.........."

    5. "Available Device
    NOKIA 3.1
    Android Auto MirrorLink"

    6. At the point when I have to select the AA or MirrorLink tabs, they both flash on then off in a few milliseconds before I have a chance to select AA.

    7. "App-Connect device Nokia 3.1 has been disconnected"

    Sequence 1; 3 to 7 recycles aka "Ground Hog Day".

    However about the 4th time of the recycling sequences I managed to select AA (see 6.) and the following 2 messages were displayed:

    A. "Please note that data is transferred over connections between your vehicle and mobile device".
    Select Cancel OK

    I selected OK

    Then message " Verifying paisley 937 7**. Please check whether or not confirmation is required".
    Select Cancel OK

    I selected OK and checked my my phone for a text and email, nothing showing.

    On two other occassions during the many attempts to pair/connect, my phone had an ERROR MESSAGE full of tech jargon including options to "try again" or "Do a Factory Reset"

    I have now given up in despair and registered on this forum for help!.
    Oops, note: Predictive text spelling error.... 'paisley' was typed as 'Passkey'.
    Nokia 3.1 updated to 8.1 sometime over the weekend so I'll try connecting to AA in next day or so and report back here.

    Also posted info on Android 8.1 on Thread.
  • Kurt Kurt

    Well I kept the phone and it just got Android 8.1, which fixed the problem for me.

    Great News, Nokia 3.1 mobile connected my Volkswagen T-Roc to AA in less than 5 seconds having loaded Oreo 8.1 to replace troublesome 8.0.

    Activated Google Maps, Waze and Amazon Music with ease. Problem with the phone now resolved at long last. Also made and received my first 'hands-free' phone calls to my wife. Later on I chatted with 'Google Voice about the weather as an Englishman would do!. Ha ha. Hopefully my phone costing £130 to be used as a Sat Nav instead of Volkswagen's £780 Navigation optional extra, will serve me well.
    Great News! . At last, my £130 Nokia 3.1 successfully connected between my new VW T-Roc SUV
    and AA in less than 5 seconds following update from Oreo 8.0 to 8.1 yesterday. Google Maps, Waze and Amazon Music successfully activated.

    I also made my first 'hands-free' phone call to my better half and then recieved a call- back without any problems. Later I chattered with the Google Voice Assistant and discussed my local weather as all Englishmen do! Ha ha.

    Hopefully the software update will now let me use AA as my Sat Nav instead of the optional VW Navigator pack costing £780 Doh!.
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